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self worth when coping with mental health


Jay Jay from the UK
Someone suggested to me that I should be giving to others so that I can have happiness.

I suggested that I had healthy boundaries and looked after myself first.

They never asked how much I give on social media every day for free.

They never asked how many people message me and I aim to reply to every single person.

My happiness comes from looking out for myself first.

I used to people please when I had low self worth and it's a very difficult place.


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The more you care about yourself, the more you will care about others. We are all connected, we are One. I think you are doing great, take care of yourself. Love.


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What can be really hard is when you're depressed and don't feel like you deserve to be happy anymore. So you start living in hopes of making other people happy instead. And it rarely rings a bell with anyone when you do.

I'm a bit of a narcissist so I have delusional daydreams about curing cancer, solving mathmatical puzzles and just be an overall smart and rich guy worthy of envy. And then it strikes me. Feeling like that is bad. Feeling worshipped, appreciated etc by chance alone. I'm not worthy. Are you? Is Jeff Bezos?

I want to do good for people. But I'm not doing good for some kid in Ghana. No, I need to see where my "goodness" comes into fruition because I'm that darn narcissistic that it doesn't matter if I can't see/experience it. And I feel bad about that.


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As a suggestion, it can be a helpful tool to in an arsenal to beat depression. I also think that there are personalities that dont get good feelings from it. Many do.

From depression to migraines over my life span, i received tons of suggestions. When a helpful person demands you try things, it breeds frustration & anger. i know they are trying to help me get to a better place. But sometimes those suggestions feel absolutely condescending! 🤯

we all know it helps to love/like ourselves. im glad you know to care for yourself first. it has taken me years to learn. I stumble a lot over self care.

i still want to believe in the good of people. even though i know we live in a cruel World.

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