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    As all here know, SF is run entirely from donations from its members.

    The hosting, site maintenance, bandwidth and annual license fees to keep SF up and operating are substantial. We choose to not have advertisements to pay for the costs because of our desire to keep the forum and chat free of commercial interests and spam. Donations pay 100% of costs, either from members , or the site owner and staff. If you can donate even a few dollars (without financial difficulties) it all adds up and helps so much.

    You have all seen the donation bar on the side bar and you can make a donation through Paypal that way. If you would prefer to donate by another method, simply message me directly and I will see if we can accommodate that method.

    As a part of trying to make sure that all the members that contribute "extra" to SF in any way are recognized (like the banners for staff, and Forum Pro's , SF Author, etc. We would also like to add a banner to any that make a monetary donation if they want that recognition. If you do not want it , or want it removed just message me. Checking the anonymous box will lead to the presumption you do not want the banner. If you change your mind and do want it, just let me know.

    I have tried to contact as many that have donated in the last few months as possible to ask if they want the banner- but our list is incomplete. If you donated and did not receive the banner and would like it please accept my sincere apologies - the list was erased in a system update - just message me and I will take care of it for you.

    Please do not donate if it will cause any financial burden - If you want banners there are lots of ways to contribute besides donations to get banners. All manners of support are important and we are grateful for the support each and every member gives simply by being part of our community.
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    Thanks, Ben; I really would love to donate to SF to help out in relieving the burden of the costs involved, but unfortunately, all of my financies are going right now to things like rent, food, bills and other things, so I am unable to donate to the site, since I am always strapped for cash, but I would like to think I am helping out on SF in other ways, like the chat and forum posts. I know that is not much, but it is the best that I can do for the time being.
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