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Does anyone else on here have a skin condition? I was recently diagnosed with one after struggling with flare ups, irritation, and severe itchiness for the past couple of years. Right now I'm having a pretty bad flare up and I'm so frustrated and physically and emotionally irritated by this. I've been using a topical steroid treatment I was supposed to stop a couple of weeks ago but that I have still been using it from time to time because the irritation and itchiness is so bad IDK what else to do. I am thinking of submerging myself in a warm bath but I'm scared anything I do will just be temporary relief then make it worse later on.

I was wondering if anyone on here has any pointers? Any OTC treatments or home treatments that have helped?


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I have dealt with hives before. For those, I found Benadryl cream to be helpful.

I also sometimes get irritated and itchy skin. I use a steroid cream along with moisturizer. I try not to take hot showers and I try to shower quickly. I have seasonal allergies as well, so I often take an antihistamine which helps a bit too.


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All that I know about skin itching is the problem of poison ivy that my neighbor is growing on his fence. If I brush into it and get poison ivy, washing my hands in gasoline dries my skin and kills the poison ivy.

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