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Snuggle up.

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So a while back I was watching .hack//SIGN. And in one inparcitular episode a character named suberu is hugging her compy. Long story short she was beaten up in a game, pretty badly, and wanted some comfort from a friend. This seemed like a good idea so a few days ago I folded up my Lappy and snuggled it. It was nice and warm, I lied it on my chest and it kept me warm. Problem is Lappy here is stiff and rigid :dry: And not very snuggly. Then I had an idea, BUBBLE WRAP :laugh: , that stuff is squishy and soft. Too bad I did not have any. So I am going to get some next time I visit UPS.

The moral of the story? Many of us want someone to hold. But someone is not always around. I have not felt hugs for years, predominatly because I have only been hugged by my family. But I have heard them described as warm and soft and nice.

So one day when you are lonely and want something to hug. Go find some bubble wrap and wrap up your compy or lappy and snuggle it close to you. Because we convay so many feelings to each other. It feels like I am hugging all my online friends at the same time.
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