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So expensive

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by flowers, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    All my stress goes to my digestive system which, along with years of poor eating habbits, have caused my digestive system to be in such bad shape that I am almost always in pain. And I can eat practically no foods.

    The naturopath just muscle tested .... yet again.... for 50.00. She came up with that my probiotic ( which is a professional and very respected grade) is not working. The one that she tested I need costs a fortune. The double strength product can be gotten only by prescription. The naturopath said she would contact my MD to see if she can write a prescription for it. Although she said she would have to research it and then find the time to call my doctor. I know she moves very slowly and often forgets to do things. She got a bit miffed when I asked her when she could to it. I understand she is busy. But I also understand she forgets. So I did some research and found out that my insurance ( medicare part D) doesnt cover this medication.

    I called the part D company and they are faxing my MD who will charge me 20.00 to fill out a form to see if they will make an exception and grant me the coverage. the problem there is that I did this before the naturopath talked to the MD who will be sort of blindsided by the forms the part D company is sending her. I did call and left a message for the MD.

    I know that with GI problems sometimes the correct probiotic, taken in large amounts can actually resolve things. So I am willing to try anything to be out of pain and... well relieve the other symptoms. But I do not have between 180 and 360 dollars per month that it will take to treat with this particular strain of probiotic. Even though I have tried everything else.

    I have asked spirit to arrange that the part D insurance company cover this medication. I just hope for a miracle that this will happen. Because otherwise it will be sad to know that there is a likely treatment and relief out there. But I cannot afford it. The naturopath has been getting very short and not so nice to me. I think shes frustrated with me and my complex issues. She was very nice in the beginning. Its all a mess. Anyway, if you actually could follow all of what I said, you are a genius. So congratulations :D. And if not, please know you are smart. Its just that my mind races when I get scared. Thanks !! ps: the product can be bought in lower dose at some pharmacies. But not through the naturopath. So she has nothing to gain from this.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hope you are covered then hun so you can get your digestive tract back to normal again will pray that insurance company will cover it hugs
  3. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    Thanks V. I appreciate the support. I dont know what my doctor is going to say getting the form from the insurance company. She didnt even prescribe it. The naturopath did. And she decided not to contact the doctor, because I took the innititive to do it. Cant force these professionals to do the right thing. Especially this naturopath. She gets cranky. I sent her an email asking her about dosage. She answered the email simply saying thanks for taking it on and doing the research. And she hopes I get the rx. She is not calling the doctor and is not even telling me dosage. sighs. I didnt let her know I still want her contacting the doctor. I dont want her to get all mean again. not worth it. Thanks again for the support. oh yes, I forgot to say that I didnt want to wait to start the treatment. So I ordered some of the non rx strength stuff. My body is going to use up every bit of money I have left. But I do not want to be sick. And I do not want to wait for the process of the doctor filling out the forms and sending it back to the insurance company. And then the company deciding if they will cover it. So I took matters into my own hands. Damn, I am spending so much money on illness. thanks again !!!
  4. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I understand hun dam professionals when you need them they play their stupid power games i hope the meds you got you help some hun I am sorry you are having to spend money out of your own pocket t o do it
  5. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    Thank you V for posting answers here. You know that otherwise my worst thread fear would have come true again. Posting a thread about what I am feeling and no one responding. You are just so caring and kind and wonderful ! I hope there is a part of you that knows that !! :hug:
  6. Butterfly

    Butterfly Sim Addict Staff Alumni SF Author SF Supporter

    I hope you get this sorted out soon hun and that the probiotic helps some :)
  7. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    turns out the medicine costs 310 per month. i read that people really need to be taking it always if they need it at all. So I will not be able to afford health, if this in fact would make me healthy. 7 days will not be long enough to turn things around. Supposedly that takes 6 weeks or longer. So I am sort of out of luck here. I have tried to find an alternative online. Been to forums. But it seems there is no subsitite for this medication. Its a combination of different strains of beneficial bacteria. Some of which are not found in other probiotic. And its in powerful strengths. I am not sure I can keep living like this. Its too waring physically. My only hope is if medicare part D will change their mind. and that is a huge longshot. Because it is a beneficial medication. thats something the drug companies do not support. And therefore the federally subsitidsed drug insurance companies do not support it as well. Its my only hope though. My doctor told me I am not even well enough to give a life saving stem cell donation to save a loved one. But I cant get the medicine I need. I dont know how to tell my loved one that I will not be well enough to pass the medical tests for transplant/donation