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    Ugh...So many good people have passed away recently...My heart is totally broken and my tears are never ending. My other half lost his Nan (His Dads mum)in Feb and today he lost his Gramps (His mums dad)...Both were so special and cared greatly for others. His Gramps was a fantastic photographer and that is a passion I share. The last time I saw his Gramps was a few weeks ago. We had such a good laugh and that memory will never leave. I didn't get to see him at the hospice but I know he was cared for...And even though he wasn't my family by blood, he was still my family. I just want to cry all in a world of pain but I know my other half needs me there for him, so I will be as strong as I can. I am glad he isn't in pain anymore as that is no way to live but we as a family (on both sides) have lost a truly amazing dad, husband, gramps and friend. You can be at peace now and shine bright in the clear night sky. RIP Gramps, we love you all so so much <3 xxxx
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    Hugs to you hun sorry for all your losses but happy for you that you had these special people in your life for awhile
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    Not long enough :(
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    I am sorry to hear this. But this will eventually happen to everyone. sooner or later.
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    WhateverItTakes, I'm sorry you have had so much loss recently. That is hard. I can imagine that it feels like the world is a little unstable and untrustworthy at the moment. Grief does that to us. Having losses close together can really shake us up. The good things to remember, if we can, are the times we DID get to share with people, the love and the lessons in living from them. Those memories and lessons stay with us even when the person has passed on. So the person is always with us in a way. Love doesn't die, imo.

    I hope you take time to remember, grieve, and even "celebrate" that you had good times with the ones you have lost. Reach out here and know that we care about you. :arms: