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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by shadowheart, Jul 21, 2014.

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  1. shadowheart

    shadowheart Well-Known Member

    Hi there.

    So I think that I might be a sociopath.
    I need help.
    I don't know what this means for me and for my future.
    Anyone who has experience in this area, it would be great if you could reply to this or send me a private message so we can talk.

  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    If you were truly a sociopath you would not want help or even care about how your illness would affect others If you are concerned then talk to a professional ok who can diagnose you properly and not be guessing what you are suffering from
  3. Event_Horizon

    Event_Horizon SF Supporter

    What follows is opinion. You may not like it but you asked so here it is blunt and direct.

    The likelihood of you being a sociopath is very low. The reason I can state that is simply I have read some of your posts prior to this one. Within them is emotive language that is not used as simply a commentary as if an observer. You also refer to yourself as feeling certain ways. Of having genuine care about certain people that have existed in your life. You even mention at points how you are a failure or have failed. That is a rather alien concept to a sociopath as it is every one else's fault but theirs.

    This pretty much precludes you. Secondly you are here on this site, which would be viewed as an admission of inferiority, if you were a sociopath you would be more likely to blame external things for why you are so miserable. There would likely be no desire to change yourself because you are not at fault, so why would you need help? Even the seeming panic in your post is at odds. You would be calmly investigating and likely coming to the conclusion this makes you superior to those illogical empaths. You also mention crying a lot. For a sociopath crying is exceptionally rare. In fact many have to force themselves to learn it for when it is appropriate.

    Thirdly, your poems suggest a very acute accurate awareness of emotions, most writing has the experiences of the author at heart of them and you write about love and capture the yearning of it well. That does not imply the black hole and frustration of not understanding it. This again is an alien difficult concept to grasp for a sociopath. They can manipulate and feign love but they don't feel it in any meaningful connected way. Also poems on that blog have no direct manipulative value so it is not likely that is your reason for writing them.

    As a side note you are wonderfully talented. Your flow is exquisite.

    But lets assume for a moment you are one. Well then in that case there is next to no help for you. Why, because much of psychiatric consensus is they can't be helped. There are only some very small specialists that even try and they mostly operate within prisons. Mostly psychiatric services do their damnedest to get sociopaths, and psychopaths off their books and out of the mental health community. As it can actually make them more capable predators and gives them access to victims. Or they over medicate them... Better to be safe than sorry.

    My general conclusion is your emptiness comes not from a sociopathic place but a nihilistic one. A sort of default stance of it is all futile so why try? May as well fuck myself up instead, because why does it matter? I would say your nihilism has also given you a sort of insight into reality, how self deluded those around you maybe seem and how vicious it all truly is. There is truth to that, but having this awareness also leaves you separate. So much like a sociopath you feel like you have to pretend just to get by. I imagine you have suffered extensively in life to get to this point.

    Those are my thoughts take from them what you will.
  4. AsphyxiateOnWords

    AsphyxiateOnWords Eρεβος/Νύξ

    I agree with a lot of what Adam said. You do tend to show some concern for others from what I've read in your previous posts, but even assuming that that concern was fake, you also still show a lot of emotion in your poetry. Also, like others have said, you signing up for this site and asking for help is not something a full-blown sociopath would care to do. Just out of curiousity though, in case you're following this thread, what sociopathic symptoms do you feel you have?
  5. shadowheart

    shadowheart Well-Known Member

    Hi all.

    Thanks for your responses.
    Adam, I appreciate the thought that you put into it. You might be right. Who knows. I'm not saying that I am a sociopath to a T, but there are definitely qualities that I share with one.
    Misery, I will list the 10 common qualities of a sociopath with an X next to the ones I exhibit.
    Charming X
    Spontaneous + Intense (do bizarre and erratic things) X
    No remorse shame or guilt X
    Lie X
    Need to dominate others and win
    Highly intelligent X I have a genius level IQ
    Incapable of love/shallow emotions X
    Poetic speech X (obviously)
    Never apologies X
    Cold/lacking empathy XXX definitely
    Grandiose sense of self/arrogance XXX
    If anything I have ever said contradicts this, I was probably telling more lies.
    The love and sadness and emotion I have written about is all of what I have learned by observing people.

    I only posted originally because I am concerned for the inconvenience that being a sociopath might cause me and wondering if there is any point getting help.
    I think you might be right though Adam. I don't think there is much anyone would do.
  6. Butterfly

    Butterfly Sim Addict Staff Alumni SF Author SF Supporter

    I very much doubt you are a sociopath. To be quite blunt, sociopaths do not give a shit about anything, or anyone. You have posted here and you quite clearly do and you have insight into your emotions. I would say it's possible you have some kind of personality disorder, but you are NOT a sociopath.
  7. shadowheart

    shadowheart Well-Known Member

    Hi all.
    I'm sorry, but none of you know anything about me. So how the hell could you offer advice on who or what I am?
    I also don't even remember asking any of you for a diagnosis. Maybe mind your own business in that regard.
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