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Some personality disorder...?

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by KK99, Dec 10, 2012.

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  1. KK99

    KK99 Active Member

    The majority of the symptoms I've been experiencing are a type of schizo-something personality disorder.

    The reason I'm making this post is 'cause I forgot what it was called, & I need to see if what I have is diagnose-able, I guess...'cause I'll look really stupid if I bring it up to my counselor or psychiatrist & they say that it's nothing, and I'm just weird person. XD

    Some of these are gonna be really silly, but just bear/bare/bdurhglur/whatever with me. (Is that how you say it?) <.<

    Anyways, here's the list:

    1. The "Phantom Limbs."
    For the longest time, I've felt like I had wings, and even sometimes a tail, or an extension of my face. I know that it's not due to nerve problems, or anything physical, 'cause I'm a pretty healthy 18 year old... and even sometimes the wings - at the base of them - feel strained, or heavy.

    2. Mind Projections.
    This is the strange one. I was actually gonna add this one last, but what the heck? I catch myself talking to people, projected from my mind. I can't see them physically, or hear them, but they're a projected "physical" thought form, I guess. Sometimes, they can reply - mentally, though.

    3. Isolation.
    I feel better by myself. I prefer to be alone, do projects alone, etc. I draw, write, read, paint, & just generally create stuff. Everyone knows where to find me - in my room. The only time I get out of my room is if I have to use the bathroom, or eat, get a cigarette, go somewhere (which is rare,) and the usual stuff. Having people around - even my friend, it makes me a little nervous, for a reason that will be listed below.

    4. Connections.
    I have very little, or almost no friends. I don't have a very good bond with my family, either.

    5. Telepathic / Paranormal abilities...?
    I believe that I can telepathically control an individuals thoughts & actions sometimes - not manipulate them horribly or anything... I believe that I'm an Electrokinetic, claircognizant, and able to communicate to spirits - via EVP, or thought.

    6. Paranoid.
    I am very, well, suspicious of people's true motives & intentions. I feel as if the people that are supposed to be 'close' to me, and strangers, are out to get me. i.e, tamper with my food, mess with my coffee maker, sleep in my bed (my room is like my sanctuary - especially my bed!) & just try to hurt me. I know that some of the things I list here are pretty irrational, but I can't help it.

    7.) Perception.
    The people around me think I'm always angry, or mad at something. They think I'm cold & distant. (I'm not always mad or angry, and I wish they can see that.) >.>

    8.)Social Anxiety.
    I'm very anxious when I'm around people, because of #6 listed up there.

    9.) Behavior.
    People (and I) have observed that I behave differently & react differently, and sometimes inappropriately to certain situations. I'd give you an example if I could think of one. XD

    10. Life
    I believe that certain things greatly influence my life. For example, certain symbols, numbers, people, etc.

    11. Imagination
    I'm mostly preoccupied by my imagination, instead on focusing on real-life goals, & reality in general. I have a tendency to retreat back into my fantasy world to escape many responsibilities.

    12. I am very into the paranormal - which I've stated before, and I believe spiritual beings, positive & negative, can greatly influence our lives, and the world around us.

    :itachi: <- Yay Itachi!!

    Also, I am diagnosed with OCD, Depresion, and I'm an Emetophobe. I'm not sure that it'll help to mention, but...yeah.


    So, what's your opinion on all this? Am I afflicted with something? Or am I just really, really weird? :nonchalance:
  2. Ninjachef

    Ninjachef Member


    My suggestion would be to tell your therapist or whoever you need to talk to exactly what you wrote down here. From there, let them make the determination of what your diagnosis would be. This seems more logical than approaching them and saying I have "schizo whatever" disorder. Just be honest with them about your different Thoughts and how they manifest themselves in your life. On the side note, if you ever want to talk about the paranormal message me, I am an avid paranormal researcher myself. I just recently went to Trans-Allegheny lunatic asylum in Weston, West Virginia. I did an overnight there, and it was truly amazing. Best of luck to you and stay safe.

  3. KK99

    KK99 Active Member

    Yeah, I was hoping to take that approach. ^_^ Thanks!
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