Suicide Survivors

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  1. Just doing my recordings for my own record. Who here on this forum has had a directly related family member commit suicide? I will include husband and wife, but all other suicides have to only pertain to (brother, sister, mother, father, son, or daughter)
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    does it count when your grandmother comitted suicide about three decades ago and your mother has been trying in regular periods ever since?
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    I lost my son. However, I don't think that you will be able to obtain any real true statistic from a post such as this because of the fact that many people don't read every forum post, and many who do simply won't respond regardless. You may get a few, like myself, who will post to this... but I don't really think you'll gather any useful true picture from a query such as this one. I don't mean that to be offensive to your request, but it is pretty much just fact. Additionally, as a peer-to-peer support, many here will not want to be 'counted' for any sort of data collection type of review. I will state that I know of a number of people on here that have lost family members and/or friends/loved ones to suicide and I have gathered that non-data analysis from my participation here in the community and my interaction with individuals on this site that are my peers.