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Sunday, February 25, 2018

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Tea in the picture looks a bit weak for me though. And there's no mayo @bobbob
Anyone fancy joining me for brunch @JustSteve @Mercedesgirl @bubblebear @Polarbear @Kereviz @Daíthí @unlucky me @JacsMom @sassy123 @frankie626 @Lulabelle @Tim @Citizen Insane @crumbum
Hey @Woowoo im so late!!lol
I want to tell how i feel even though its 27 feb!but i feel people wont get what i mean so i won't say about that.
Im ok and i wish i people we're not like this and they'd understand better and not being brainwashed and open minded and they would see the truth!not a make up thing...
Not open for further replies.

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