Support systems for passing of brother.

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by flowers, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. flowers

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    If anyone knows of a website that has a good grief community I would be grateful to know about it. While I am not in deep grief like a parent who has lost a child. Or someone whose spouse has passed, I am finding it very difficult to get through the grief around the passing of my brother.

    I have looked through the therapists who are participating providers with medicare. I am so non traditional in my appropach that it makes it hard. Especially when I need a person where I can park easily and not have to walk. Because of the agoraphobia. And also someone who is not far away. For the same reason.

    So that leaves me with online suppport. I am trying to find websites where someone can go who is grieving the passing of her brother. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Please, no suggestions for communities or websites that have religious overtones. While I respect that for other's choices for themelves, its a turn off... and trigger for me. Thanks
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    thought i found a site but then it is under construction it says i do hope you find a place near you flowers to talk to someone to help you ease your grief hugs
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    Thanks, V. I appreciate the answer, as you can imagine :) I tried to ask people at a spiritual forum I occassionally go to. But someone insisted that my insurance will cover Jungian grief counseling. Even though she has never met me before and has no clue what my insurance is. sighs. That was really triggering because my insurance does not cover anyone like that. But she insisted she was right, lol. oh well. I hope someday to find a grief forum that is good. At least better than nothing. I am hoping today will be a better day
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    flowers, I don't know much about the website at this link, but maybe it's the sort of thing you are looking for. Thinking of you. :hug:
  5. flowers

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    Thanks, Acy. Have you heard anything at all about it? Appreciate the reply. btw, re your signiture. I have been meaning to tell you that I love squirrels. They have the best sense of humor. And very cute too. I agree. They do know how to live
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    Flowers, so sorry to hear about loss. The death of a close relative is hard to deal with especially when you were close. They say time is a great healer but you always remember at any time. Please take care. X
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    thanks incrisis. I really appreciate your words. OMG he was such a beauty in every way. The hole his passing leaves is huge. I still hear his voice on the voicemail when I call his wife. She has not yet changed it, of course.