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The devil, that's called gambling.


Life is a Gamble
Hello everybody! My name is damcore, and well, I have a gambling problem.

Not as bad as somebody else of course, and I am on the way of recovery, but maybe I can help some of you out.

It all started small. CS:GO gambling sites. Bet some money and get free cash in exchange? Sounds great! Until you realise, that 90% of the time, you will lose everything because the sites are rigged, and not official or legally controlled in any way.
I gambled around 10€ (11$) away in my first sitting. And after that point, I couldn't stop anymore.

But clear one question up front. "Why don't you stop, when you win?"

Well, the answer is simple. When you bet like 10$, on let's say, Red at the Roulette, and it comes Red, well, you win 10$. But you won't stop there. You will think, or at least, I always thought, that after that one Initial win, you will win constantly from now on. But you can imagine, that is far from the truth.

But let's use the same example again. 10$ on Red. But Black comes. You lost your bet. What do you do now? Well, I always had the same thought with that too. "Well, if I lost now, I have to make the money at least back." and that's the worst part. When you should win again then, go back to point number one. If you lose, read this block of text again. It's an endless spiral. If you lose, you want to make the money back. If you win, you want to win more money.

Until, of course, you run out of money. What eventually will happen. You just have nothing left anymore, and you have to stop gambling because of that. Not because you want to.

In my life, I gambled away around 700-800€ (816-933$). And I only have one tip to say. Try to stop immediately. If you just want to know, how it feels like, have somebody watch your back, who can stop it at any time. Only gamble in a pair of at least two. One actual gambler, one who looks after the other.

That's what I did with a coworker of mine. I can (luckly) call him somewhat of a friend by now, and we went into a casino together. We both had a set limit of 200€ (233$) and we both gambled away. We both lost. But, because we were two people, we managed to save each other from putting more money into it. I held him back, and he me.

That's my tip. If you want to just know how it feels like, have somebody watch your back. A parent, a friend, or somebody else you trust. If you notice, that you're quiet often in a casino (IRL or online), notice somebody. Your parents, a therapist. It can happen so quickly, that you can't go back anymore, you wouldn't believe it. And if you should be gambling at the moment, STOP IMMEDIATELY. Don't matter what you think will happen, IT WILL NOT!!!

IT WILL NOT HAPPEN! You WILL lose your money on one way or another. If you win today 20$, tomorrow you will lose 60. I can guarantee you.

So, if you're noticing something, contact somebody! Really, gambling shouldn't be looked at as it was nothing. It's as dangerous as alcohol or cigarettes in my opinion. Really, if you need someone, come to the chatroom. If you want to talk with somebody IRL, do that. But you have to stop gambling. The thoughts you're having about it, are not real.

They never are.


Well-Known Member
I struggle with my own addiction as well. Albeit not gambling but still it's addiction all the same. I'm glad you found this site.

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