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We have members here ranging from 13 to late 70's and it is often hard for young people to relate to the older generations and vice versa. This forum is for people to connect people at similar stages of life.

The main forum is a "house forum" and you cannot post in it. We have created sub forums for 'stages of life' for people to post in and we request people self identify with regard to these forums. We intentionally did not put ages on these forums because age does not necessarily indicate a life stage. particularly depending on illness or life experience.

Please respect that everyone has a right to identify their own stage in life and be welcoming/inclusive.

Everyone, regardless of age, is encouraged to offer support and advice in any forum, but we request that you remember that people in a different life stage to you will have a different perspective and if you find it hard to understand or relate to a person's issues it might be better to simply let the person know they are heard rather than to offer advice.

Thank you :)
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