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the last straw


when you help others you help yourself
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does anyone suffer from chronic moderate to severe pain and or chronic physical illness?

I have been fighting a long time and am pretty much winning. but I have one thing that really drags me down. almost every evening when my morphine wears out until the new doses kick in I go really high on the pain scale. even with breakthrough meds it still spikes bad until the new meds kick in. does anyone else have this problem? I can start off having a great day, then go to suicidal and back to doing great after the spikes. this is my biggest problem. the diabetes and severe copd etc. I can handle.

what is your last straw with chronic pain/illness....mike


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I had an old therapist that used to call them reservations. Those things where you decide if this than this. The theory was I wasn't supposed to have them, I was supposed to wipe them from my mind ... blah blah. Let's face it, if you have chronic pain/illness you've got an if than. I know where my line is, and in my mind it's drawn very clear. Now, whether I can mentally hang on until I get to that physical line is yet to be seen. I know I didn't really answer your question, but my answer feels to much like a timeline for my comfort. IF I make it to that point, there is already a plan for what that looks like.

I completely understand the I'm fine, and then I'm not so much fine roller coaster.


when you help others you help yourself
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thank you @Nick it sounds like you understand and go through something similar. I've crossed that line so many times and keep saying i'll fight again etc. but there will be a limit lol. if I could only not spike every day things would be a lot better. I used to be on a fentanyl patch and I rarely had spikes but thanks to the cdc no more patch, oh well life isn't perfect lol

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