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The SF Rec Room


Silent dreamer
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The SF Rec Room!

This is the right place where all of you, wonderful people of SF, can let your creativity run wild and inspire us with your musical talent.

The rules to follow are simple: record an audio clip of the song you like, whether you use only your voice, or any instrument, or both at the same time, it doesn't really matter, and upload it on an anonymous hosting site (for example clyp.com, etc.; no dropbox, google drive and similar), then post its link on the thread, indicating the title and the artist of the original song.

We also invite you to be supportive and respectful of each other, don't seize or use improperly the recorded material without its owner's permission.
If you have any doubts or other questions, feel free to address them here.

Anywoo, let the fun begin! *stars *grouphug2
Well I've posted before but will repost this one:

Wow! I really liked this... you're clearly talented. I've never heard "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)" by Green Day before so thanks for that introduction. I also listened to some of the other song clips you shared, and again, amazing. I hope you have a great day and keep it up with the music!


Does Petty Complaints Right
Wow @Baywasp , how come I haven't heard your voice before? You do have an unique voice! Love this piece and waiting for new material! Thank you for posting :)
Thanks, that means a lot. I can be a little self-conscious about my voice.
Wow! This is also a great recording! I've never heard Pitseleh before so thanks for the introduction. Your recording seems close to the original (in a good way). I hope you have a great day!
Thanks. Elliott Smith songs tend to suit my voice well.

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