The World is Complete and Utter Bull Shit! *poss trig*

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    So.. I know I have made many many posts about how I hate how our society is.. how things don't really work.. But seriously.. I have been homeless since March 14th.. and I am realizing even more and more how really fucked up this place is.. It is entirely a bull shit world we live in..

    Did you know it is basically illegal to be homeless?? Did you know it is illegal to sleep on any land practically unless it isn't owned by the government or by any person at all?? And how much land isn't owned by someone??? none.. It is COMPLETELY ILLEGAL to be homeless.. And I'm tired of the.. "Oh, it's your fault" attitude.. glares.. and assuming ass holes!! In reality, this world is a fucking bull shit place.. many, MANY people who because homeless are because of the economy.. and MANY aren't by choice..

    Oh.. OK, you say there are shelters right?? There is help right!!??? Did you know that all the "help" is ALSO complete BULL SHIT!!!

    Unless you are on medications, have illegal drug additions, or are completely single with "severe" mental disabilities.. NO ONE will help you.. That is right.. NO ONE.. unless oh.. u get somehow lucky.. See.. the shelters and programs SPECIFICALLY TARGET people who need DRUG REHAB or who are on MEDICATIONS because of money.. oh really? You disagree??

    OK.. Programs spend a TON of money for people in drug treatment.. for ppl with meds.. and u know why that is to basically show people... "Oh, we help pay for SOOO many things for these people to live so society doesn't have to!" see.. that is why they decide to create these "molds" of people they will help.. The more "Help" you need, the more they look at it, because it gives them gain and favor..

    But you know what?? I do have "severe" mental disabilities.. I'm ON disability income.. SOO.. Why aren't they helping me?? Because I don't NEED medications.. because all I NEED is a chance to find housing for cheap or discounted or subsidized.. because honestly.. Disability income is literally almost nothing if you are to be renting a place to stay.. OK.. I get 700 USD a month... Try and find any DECENT living situation for 500 or less.. because yeah.. u need money for bills too.. right?

    This entire world is a complete bull shit place..ppl need to open their eyes, stop judging others, and see what is reality.. We are slowing, as a society, being brain washed..yes..brain washed! And I'm not just saying this without fact..

    See.. our TV.. Our video games.. is specifically made to show a picture.. Watch your news station.. Listen to your radio.. Did you know it is all pre-cencored? Pre-checked? So you may only know what "truths" are "relevant"? Subliminal messaging.. Do you know the term?? Over years our society has been deliberately made to listen to these "truths." OK, why aren't there anymore new "Bill Gates", "Albert Einsteins".. That is because the way our society is set now.. it is intended to ELIMINATE THEM!! To "shut them up." Employers want you to be stupid enough to follow orders but smart enough to understand them.. You can get ANY degree you want.. doesn't mean it will be of use.. you may own money ALL YOUR LIFE!!

    And you know what?? The school system is also complete BULL SHIT!! Schools leave out so much information anymore it is ridiculous.. we MAY be learning "more quickly" but in reality we are only learning what is "truth" to this greater control over our society..

    The reality is.. "High school never ends".. You know why?? Because we let is be that way.. Because we would prefer a roof over our heads to standing up against this bull shit!! See where I am going?? If we keep ALLOWING ourselves to be treated how we are.. living on almost nothing.. but just enough to have a roof over our heads.. whoever is behind this may keep going until some point we are all sick and tired of it.. and so they may take complete power.. because we will have no say.. and really we don't even now..and unless we change.. it will all come to pieces and nothing will be left..
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    i completely agree with you. the problem is that it's practically impossible to explain this to people who think differently. i end up getting in arguments because of it.
    we just watched the movie The Matrix in school and i had to think of that because it's similar (kinda). only people who have been outside can see the truth, otherwise it's almost impossible for our brain to understand.

    and don't scientists say "what goes up has to come down"? i believe that humans have reached their maximum and are starting to fall back down.
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    Just curious, how are you accessing a computer if you are homeless? Do you have a cell phone? I hope you do have a cell phone to be able to call 911 or get some help if you need it right away. I wish I knew a way to help you find help. I'm so sorry you are going through this. Please keep searching for help in your area. It has to be out there. Ha.. go to your state's capital and ask to see a representative and ask them where you can get help.. we voted them into office and they are suppose to help us... and here is one more suggestion... go to a local paper and they may do a story on your and your situation. Just ideas for you to consider, don't know how you feel about putting your laundry out there... but you could request to remain anonymous.. HUGS and best wishes.. things can only get better from here on out!

    Something else..... our government wastes so much money on stupid stuff... the first lady's wardrobe... dinning at exclusive restaurants on the tax-payor's money... etc... can go on forever... we send money overseas to other countries but don't take care of our own!!!! BULLSH!T

    Ok... I'm don't ranting for now... more hugs to you!
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    I pay $50 for internet a month thru Clear internet and have a netbook.. I do have a phone and I am with a friend and dog. oh.. and I doubt the representative will help.. see.. I can't even vote if I wanted to because I don't have an address.. So why help me if I can't vote for them? Also we were just in Washington, DC.. the WORST place for a homeless to be.. do you know that cops were waking us up every morning at 4:30am threatening and harassing us? threatened to take my dog and kill her?? I am REAL sure the senators or government will listen! (sarcastic)

    This world is not OF THE PEOPLE anymore..

    oh.. and police aren't nice to homeless either.. have u seen the news report today for a guy beaten to death by cops for sleeping? :rolleyes: News stations and papers.. hmm.. very doubtful they would want to listen.. they prob have "better" things to put in their papers then a homeless person ranting about how f*ucked up this place is..

    911 use.. hm.. do I have money for medical bills? No.. Nor for 911 calls. :)

    Honestly one of these days I am going to figure out a way to get a soap box and tell the world this BS going on..I'm sure I'll be a martyr tho. Not that anyone will ever remember.. I am also planning to run as president when I am 35.. Tho by then.. this world may be too far gone. And I mean.. I DON'T CARE if I'm elected.. I just need people to open their damn eyes!!

    I'm sorry if I sounded like a dick.. People just cannot understand very clearly until they have been in such as position as I am in.. I knew our world was bad.. But now I am becoming more fully aware just how much more bad it really is.. And for me there really is no "help" unless I can find a family open to the truth of our society or someone that would be willing to actually listen and provide my friend and I an opportunity.

    Thank you for the comment.. I am just getting so frustrated that no one WANTS to see the truth.. they all want to believe this world is alright and everyone is happy and OK with this world.

    And I agree with this part:
    It is just so frustrating.. and all of this is to make us all stupid enough to follow orders and give into any demands from whomever is behind this.. And because they use subliminal messages and barriers in order for us to not know who they are, they make it nearly impossible to stop them. That is their point. And until we are all stupid enough, they will remain hidden.. And when we are all down on our knees they will come out and call themselves a "savior".. basically the "anti-christ" imo.

    Btw I wouldn't be surprised if someone tried to shut me up.. or completely delete everything I've said.. Then again, because no one will believe me.. they may not do anything. Because I am not a real threat.. Their plans are in motion.. and they know they are almost un-stopable.. The only way we can stop them is if we were to all quit our jobs and refuse to be treated the way we are.. or at least half of the population.. and it would create basically anarchy.. no one really wants to do that tho..
  5. Acy

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    Hi, Flying Shadow. I'm sorry you find yourself in these circumstances.

    Where I live, there is limited "affordable" housing (i.e., rent-geared-to-income housing). You have to apply to get in, and there is a waiting list. Maybe you have a similar system in your area, and if you are not on the waiting list already, it couldn't hurt to look into that now.

    Are there mental health workers/social support workers/organizations for the homeless that could help you find a place? They would know more about the local options.

    Could you rent a room instead of a whole apartment? That can be much less expensive. With even just a room, you would probably feel more settled, and life would be a tad more stable. (And you'd also have an address, which makes you a voter, which gives you more of a voice next election.)

    Keep us updated. I hope you find something soon. Thinking of you. :hug:
  6. Kiba

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    I have a service dog.. i have a best friend.. the lists are closed for the year anf no one will take us in anyway because i have a dog.. its just bull shit.. no "programs" will do anything.. ive gone to all the government programs.. nothing.. just fuck it.. im tired of this.. no one rly understands.. no one listens.. all i get is glares from ppl every fucking day that are full of disgust.. i dont "fit" the molds the programs look for.. my friend and i are just always been the "special cases" so.. no one will "help" i mean.. what "help" can they provide anyway.. it doesnt matter.. i wasn't happy with a roof over my head.. its just as un-fufillinh.. this world right now.. as it is.. holds nothing for me.. nothing.. all that it holds for me is maybe i a m meant to somehow help change it.. but that's a lot easier said then done..
  7. Acy

    Acy Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense Staff Member Safety & Support

    Flying Shadow, I'm sorry you've already tried what I suggested. I can understand why you are frustrated.

    When you say a "service dog," do you mean one that helps you with a disability? Denying housing because of a service dog is illegal where I live - against our human rights code. (That's just so wrong they're doing that to you. :sad:)

    What kind of help can social workers and such offer? I only know about where I live. Here, social support workers or mental health advocates/workers can help a client by looking up places that might be available and by talking to possible landlords on a client's behalf. They can help to make sure that their client's rights are not being stomped on. (I don't know where you live, so I don't know if you have workers that do that.)

    I do think maybe you're meant to help change the world and make it better. You are already making more people aware of injustices by telling us about how you've been treated. I will make sure from now on that I know what policies my politicians stand for because I have talked to you today. :smile:
  8. Kiba

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    Im currently in Maryland.. and yes those places do help some ppl.. but the majority if not a bit dollar num, have an address, or have aninsurance.. and to shelters and programs it doesn't matter to them wather or not she is a service animal.. but honestly it doesn't matter.. this life is so un fufilling to me.. that when i had a roof over my head i was more depressed then.i am now.. now i actually can more clearly see all the bull shit.. and now i have a life to survive with.. it isnt full fufillment, but nothing will fugill me the way our society it run now.. for me to feel fufilled it first needs changes..
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    point is no one would give up their jobs and homes because it's all they know. they think that's the only way life can be nowadays. sometimes it seems like most of the humans need someone to tell them what to do and everything. like stray dogs. they get together in packs and the strongest one becomes the leader whom all the other dogs respect. they do whatever he wants them to do.

    i don't even know what point i'm trying to make. it's all useless. everyone thinks anarchist are terrorists (that's how our teachers put it) so they would never even look into anarchy. they call it lies. and as long as people stand behind having politicians and police, we don't stand a chance. i mean, it's much worse for you and it's cases like yours that make me want to throw all i have (that people would call lucky and that i should be grateful for) away and fight only for freedom. but freedom doesn't seem to exist. and if i want anyone at all to at least look at me properly without judgement, i would have to finish school and hide my problems.

    this is one of the reasons i have become depressed and suicidal, but no one even tries to understand this side of it all.
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    Flying_Shadow -- did you get my private message?
  11. Kiba

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    Scarlett: i also am depressed because of these issues. And like you, no one wants to understand so i stay depressed about it and angry.. i hope one day we can all find peace

    Kristy: yes,i replied
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    I know someone who summarised all this swifty... - in a song he wrote a few years back

    Have a listen - It makes a LOT of sense. And I agree with most of what you have said. Being homeless isn't enough. Being depressed isn't enough. I lived in a shelter once - with 19 others who had either drug or alcohol issues. Did I get help? no. Did I try working and have it backfire? yes. So I'm of a mode of I don't care who's in charge politically - its never gonna change while the majority are *happy* with mediocrity.
  13. Kiba

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    Thanks for the link Gary. :hug: I cannot listen to it at present but I will later. I'm sorry you have had to deal with shelters and things as well.. :( I really appreciate your reply though and am grateful you feel comfortable enough to tell me.. I hope you can find ways to make your life more fulfilling too. Am here if you ever need a chat. sending tons of hugs. :hug: :hug: