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therapy and medication


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i'm trying to switch therapists and i'd like to try medication again, but i wanted some feedback
do you prefer one provider for both therapy and medication management?
or is it better to have one provider for therapy and one provider for just medication management?
or does it even make a difference??


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Depends what you define as therapist. Afaik only doctors, shrinks and psychologists can prescribe medicine. And therapist isn't a protected title so anyone can call themselves a therapist (not a licensed therapist though). But simply being a therapist (as in no formal education) doesn't give you the right to prescribe medicine. You need a medical degree and license to do so.

I prefer seeing a psychiatrist when it comes to medication. Some are often lacking a bit in the therapy department and focus a bit too much on the medication but atleast I know they have the foundation to back up their choices and a right to prescribe it (and whenever I beg my doctor to refill my anti-psychotic meds she tells me the same; That's something you should see a psychiatrist for. It's not my expertise).

Psychologists can be fine too but I have mostly seen them to discuss the emotional symptoms and ideas they bring and not the medical needs I might have.

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