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There Are No Support Groups

Always Hopeless

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I hate that there aren't any support groups for bullying. Especially, adult bullying. I'm not talking about therapy group sessions where you need insurance, a shit ton of money or too bad deal with it on your own. I'm not talking about online either.

Groups where you can meet up with other people in your age group who are bullying victims. Like an AA meeting. Even if the pandemic wasn't happening, there's still nothing because once you become an adult most people don't care anymore and don't believe that adults get bullied too.


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It's expected that depending on the situation, one will either grin and bear it, or defend themselves.

The whole "survival of the fittest" mindset.


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There's no such thing. People can't not suffer from bullying just because they're older.
I know. But it's just a different mindset.

For a kid, or a teenager, they are viewed as needing protection from a physical or emotionally abusive threat, whereas we as adults are expected to have more of an emotional maturity and sense of efficacy to deal with threats to our sense and physical safety. This is where a lot of victim-blaming comes from.

I'm agreeing with you, though.

Always Hopeless

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@Always Hopeless , I'm not sure if there are groups, there may not be. If you want to tell me what country you're in, I could try to help you look for a support group.

I just found this online


I can't vouch for this place, I really don't know anything about it, just found it online.

Same thing as when I tried searching for groups where I live. There's nothing. Thanks for trying, but where I live they support bullies and shame victims.


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Sad to hear what you are going through. In many ways I do feel that bullying in my day when I was younger was easier, especially if you had no real support from others. Someone bullied you it was mainly physical and you simply beat the shit out of the person, that I could and did deal with, but now so much is behind the scenes and under the table and indirect.

Always Hopeless

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During a pandemic? No, especially if I don't have a job lined up somewhere else and you know how long that takes. I'll be dead long before then.
There aren't even any good jobs that will take me. There's nothing I've seen that I would be happy doing and even get paid a living wage regardless of me being qualified.

Always Hopeless

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I know you're trying to help. You always respond with kindness. I'm angry today because my boss said something ignorant that pissed me off. I wish I could leave this job with an ignorant, borderline racist boss and move to another country.
If in principle there's a place that you'd like to move to, having that as a goal or dream might help keep you going until the pandemic clears.

Maybe there haven't been any good opportunities that have presented themselves so far, but something might come along. If you moved, you might also be able to start with a low-paying job, and then transition to something better.


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