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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Vvaftb, Nov 20, 2014.

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  1. Vvaftb

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    Today I was talking to my friends and one of them made a slightly rude comment directed towards mebut it was funny so I went along with it but not to long after someone got on their high horse and said you have to be nice to her, she's DEPRESSED.
    No you do not HAVE to be nice to me because I am depressed, you SHOULD be nice to me because I am a human. Everyone deserves being treated well and it just really bugged me that they thought I HAD to be treated nice because I am depressed. I really hope that it's not just me that feels this way or has these experiences. What are some ways people treat you differently just because they know you are depressed?
  2. Unknown_111

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    So sorry that you hurt by the comment. It's not nice when people laugh at you when you are suffering depression. You take it personal and think did I really deserve. Only people who suffer like you know what you feel. The only way around this is to ignore it totally and forget it. It's not nice at all, I hope this post helps you to understand.
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    How did this friend/person come about knowing you are depressed? Was it a serious conversation? Or was it sort of a thing brought up in another conversation then sort of forgotten about a few minutes later? From what you're saying it doesn't seem like they really understand what it was or what you're feeling like. I completely agree the comment was uncalled for and I would have felt the same way, but maybe if you plan to let other people know you should make sure they understand how serious it is/can be. If you did make sure of this and they still made that comment, well then maybe she has some things to work out herself.
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