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Tortured Souls

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Miss Invisible

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Tortuted souls, what does this mean to you? In my mind, it's depends upon the individual. Their past, their present, or the unknown. In my personal opinion, the true tortuted souls are some of the greatest poets, singers, writers, and overall artists that exist of all time. Within their lifetime experiences these amazing people were created. Some of these tortuted souls never found their release. They live(d) their life in complete inner torture. Either afraid to let go of their pain or not sure how to release it.

I listen to the lyrics in songs and poetry. The lyrics in songs are poetry. Feeling the lyrics, vibing with the tone of the work itself, brings me comfort. This comfort allows for identification from the listener or reader. Amazingly this helps to not feel so alone. Reading poetry can be so identifying that it can bring one, such as myself to tears. The writer, singer, and other contributors conquer this challenge in an honest true aspect.

The magical words and songs that touch me deeply are from many tortuted souls as they voice their pain or life struggles, I SO ADMIRE that.

Those who misunderstand why these beautiful people, sometimes so tortuted can not recover, they can not possibly understand their struggle. Without their music, their artistry, and so many others displays we may never truly know how deep their effect has been and still is.

While I'm deeply saddened by some of the tragic losses of some tortuted souls from the past and now recently, I am so thankful for everything they shared during their time on this earth along with the sheer sadness of their loss.

Some of the most tortuted souls are the best and most talented artists of their time. While I wish they were still in the present, I'm very thankful for all the strength I recieve(d) from all of these true artists.

*I'm in no way advocating suicide.

Human Ex Machinae

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A lot of great things have been brought into the world by people who were struggling with depression. We're all living in a better world because of what they were able to find within themselves and share. I don't think it's possible for a person who's truly happy to create great art, not because a happy person can't be talented, but because they wouldn't be compelled to. An oyster creates a beautiful pearl only when it has an irritating grain of sand inside itself.
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