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I found what i want to pursue but i lack the resources/skills necessary to do it. Im gonna toss the pebble in the lake and see what ripples form here. I want to find someone experienced in traveling and has good survival skills, maybe even a group of people whom want to travel the world and know the rules/regulations on which we can do that with the lack of money haha. I want to drop everything in my life right now and just travel and experience the world, i dont fit in nor do i want to anymore i want to be me. I want to see the world and meet all kinds of people. :) I really want to explore Europe/China/Japan/New Zealand and many other areas but its to complicated with borders and other problems in my way that require vast amounts of money i dont have haha.


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I wish I could travel, but I lack money and good survival skills, haha. I hope someday I can do it though. I wish you the best in finding what you are looking for. I hope it all works out for you :)


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Thats kinda what im looking for a group of people who i can travel the world with. :) I know there are a few people that go around the world without any money and travel.


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Hi Apex, there's a lot of options for traveling the world. Are there any causes you care about? There are some charitable, environmental organizations, and English schools that will train you and send you off somewhere like Peacecorp. There's also Help Exchange and Couch Surfing when you get some money to travel on your own. I personally haven't done these things but friends have a enjoyed the experience. You'll meet more people, make friends and learn more about travelling.

Once you're on the Europe mainland, you can travel between countries without dealing with border issues. Personally, I had a recent trip to England and they gave me a hard time, detained me for hours because they thought I was trying to move there and leech their governments services. :\ Lovely country though. Went to France got mugged but other people helped me out. Main thing about survival skills is being willing to ask for help and being prepared. Keep your passport and some money on your person at all times, don't go to secluded areas by yourself, etc. So just get your passport and have an adventure. :)

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I don't really have the money for a lot of traveling, but it's always been a closeted dream of mine to do a little roadtrip with my closest friends.
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