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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by badlife, Jul 28, 2014.

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    At times i can not fuction from it all i end up doing is laying in bed ignoring a bunch of people blowing up my phone trying to hang out. At times i cant sleep during the night tired of staring at the ceiling. It comes in waves ill be fine for months then something will trigger it and it just wont end. This wave started in april or may when i met this girl that was everything i could have wanted that just wouldnt give me a shot. All my friends wanted me and her to go out since they had never seen me so happy. Now she wont even talk to me unless i run into her through friends which is really upsetting since we use to chill from the second we got out of our schools till 1-4 in the morning everyday. Also am really depressed bc i cant leave my house without being watched by the police even though i havent done anything wrong. They have arrested me for nothing stake out my house and follow me and my family if they notice any of our cars on the road. Im at the point were i get sick if i see a cop car. Had one trying to ram my trucks door with my leg hanging out of the door last week have it on video. Also no job and no money takes its toll. Just dont know what to do
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    If the police are harrassing you and endangering you as you say, and you have it on video, the take some action. There are plenty of lawyers who would take the case if you have video evidence of what you are claiming. Internal affairs etc is there for a reason and if you really are being unfairly targeted by the police, get yourself some legal representation and do something about it. Go down to your legal aid office and talk to someone.

    As for the girl - sorry she didn't want to give you a shot. It is possible that she realised that "chilling" daily until 1-4 in the morning might be okay for a short while but if you want a life worth having it is not something you want to do indefinitely. You say you have no job and no money, but that doesn't seem very surprising if you are up all night until 4am and from the things you have said in chat, your lifestyle is not oriented toward getting a job/qualifications and making more of yourself. You say you did not go to school as it did not teach you anything - perhaps if you go back to school or college and get some qualifications and an education you will be able to get a job and therefore have some money. Plus if you are not at home all day you will not have to worry about the police; if you were going to work every day there would not be much for them to see if they were staking out your house.

    Basically what I am saying here is that all the choices are yours. You have the power to make positive changes in your life, you just need to take some action and some responsibility. Drink. drugs, staying up all night 'chilling with friends', not working... none of those things are going to help your situation improve.

    I hope you take some action and start feeling better soon.
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