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    Urgh. Today was just an off day (when isn't it an off day for me though?). My little cousin turned 4 today (I turn 18 in exactly 3 months :laugh:) but that wasn't the bad part. The bad part was when my cousin and her boyfriend showed up. God he is a fucking whore. Yes, I said he. So, when my cousin was pregnant (by him) he kept trying to get my number and call me and talk and stuff and I was like, "Gross. No way." So then a couple of weeks ago, he called my mom and told her I was talking to Nathan again (which is not true). I hate everything about him. And so today he's at my Grandma's and I felt so uncomfortable. He kept looking at me and so I went into the backyard where everyone else was but I felt uncomfortable back there too so I went inside. I looked out the window and saw he wasn't there so I went back outside and it turned out he was walking inside so I sat on the porch and listened to my i-Pod. Well, then he comes and sits outside by me and talks on his phone and he's about to say something to me when my cousin walks out and asks him if he's hungry and he gives her a look that could seriously kill. God, I was glad when he left. He's the type of guy that has no morals whatsoever. He would just as likely get me drunk and do what he wants. What pisses me off though is that my older brother said that I'm off limits to all of his friends and so they tell him that they'll watch out for me and then they try to get me to drink with them when he's not there or they'll ask me if I have a boyfriend and ask for my number and then when I say no because I got in trouble with Nathan they're all like, "Well he was a dumbass. I'm not. You can do better than him." and I'm like, "Dude, you slept with practically all of my cousins. I'm not a fucking hoe." and then they shutup. Grr. It pisses me off because they think that just because I'm related to my cousins, I'll give myself over and let them do what they want. I may hate myself a lot, but I'm not a slut. I'm not handing over my virginity to some guy I don't even know.
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    Good for you, don't fall for all that weak stuff. There are people out there (Both men and women) who will do almost anything to bag a member of the opposite sex or same sex depending on your preference. Anyways just keep on avoiding him and hopefully he will go away. Feel sorry for your cousin though if she has someone like him around.