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Unrequited Love hurts

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by ColdSummer, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. ColdSummer

    ColdSummer Well-Known Member

    The title says it all.
    Definition: Unrequited love is love that is not reciprocated, even though reciprocation is usually deeply desired
    I'm so sad and my heart still hurts. I think that the hardest part is that this is not just some crush on someone who doesn't know I exist. He knows me well and I believe he loved me for some time too. Then it all came crushing down and I don't know why. I have loved him ever since we met, hasn't been years but still a significant time. Our conversations consist of arguing now, I barely get to see him, and I'm always get my hopes crushed when I do.
    I love him so much, his name is written ALL over my fragile heart. I want him to be all mine. Call me selfish I don't care. I'd do anything for him.
    Everything seemed fine, then it changed, like I became invisible and unwanted.
    I know I cannot make someone love me but my gosh I wish it would happen! I miss him, I miss his arms around me, I miss his smell, his smile, his hands holding mine, our hearts together, I miss the way he made my depression disappear, I miss the way he made me feel, I miss planning our futures together, I miss him giving me a reason to hold on and live, I miss it all.

    I have tried and tried to move on, as he already has but it is impossible. I try not to communicate with him but I just don't have the will power to stop. How could I ever stop wanting to talk to my love???
    He still tells me he loves me, but I know it's not from his heart, maybe he's just trying to protect me...I have had other guys say they are interested in me, but I just cannot get past this one guy. No one else compares to him. He changed my life, and changed my whole outlook on life. I see signs in everyday life, like somehting someone says or something I read, it all reminds me of him, I see his face everywhere. I had no reason to live before him and now I have no reason to live now that he doesn't want me. Tell me what I did wrong!
    Sometimes I feel it was all fake and I got carried away in some fantasy played out in my stupid mind, did he ever really love me? Is this love I feel? Will we ever get back what we had before?
    I love you so so so much and I miss you heaps:( Please love me back, I'm nothing without you!:blue:
  2. Hae-Gi

    Hae-Gi Banned Member

    :sad: I'm really sorry to hear that. I really wish there was something useful I could say... -_- guess I can only hope for the best...
  3. Hurted

    Hurted Well-Known Member

    Im sorry to hear that... but im going thru same

    Unrequited love is love that is not reciprocated, even though reciprocation is usually deeply desired.

    The beloved may not even be aware of this person's deep feelings for them.
    Thats true.... many persons whit which i was in love didnt know it...

    This can lead to feelings such as depression, low self-esteem,
    Its true... Its main reason why i am depressed and have very low self esteem...

    anxiety, and rapid mood swings between depression and euphoria.

    Thats true too
  4. Fatman1966

    Fatman1966 Antiquitie's Friend

    I know exactly what that is like, only in my case, its a guy that came into my life and just lit up my whole world, for the first time in a long time I was truely happy, we were just mates of course, both of us being guys, but he knew I was gay all along, then some how, he kind of got under my defences and made it all the way to my heart, even in the depths of my depression, I have never felt such so helpless, he knows I love him, and I have hade a couple of passes at him, yet still he keeps coming back to me, gentley telling me that it can never be that way, because he isn't gay, putting his arm round me and giving me cuddle, when it gets so bad it makes me cry.

    A couple of times now, I have been angry with him and tried to push him away, out of my life, not because I don't want him, because it hurts so much to be around him sometimes, to know what I so badly want will never happen, yet he still hangs on in there, looking out for me.

    At my age 41, it is the most happy and sad I have been in my life, sad that I have fallen so deeply for someone that just can't feel the same way and happy that for the first time I have met someone, that in there own way loves me enough, to keep on coming back to me and being the best kind of friend you could ever wish for.

    If I could turn back the clock, would I change anything, the answer to that is no, as much as it hurts sometimes, the good things are worth all the bad things, he has a girlfriend now, so I will see him less and less, will that hurt, of course it will, seeing them togther burns like fire, but instead of feeling sorry for what I can not have, I'm going to try and be happy for what he has found, all I can do now is take comfort in the good times and try and let him go, after all, the only thing I ever really wanted was for him to be happy, its sad that I cant make him as happy as he has made me, but that no ones fault, it never really is, its just one of those things that happen in life, all you can do is try and pick up the pieces and look for a way to move forwards.

    Do I still love him with all my heart, yes, will I always love him, yes, will this pain ever really go away, not for a long long time, is it ever possible to love someone that much you can make them love you back, no, am I happy for the time we had, yes, is it possible that there is someone out there that will ever love you the way you love them, yes.

    The best any of us can do, is to keep on looking and if we are lucky, really lucky, one day, we might just find that someone who's world you light up as much as they light up your, friends or partners that can do that for each other will never really go away, that light will last for ever
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  5. downnout

    downnout Well-Known Member

    "love only ceases to be a demon when it ceases to be a god" -c.s. lewis
  6. Angelo_91

    Angelo_91 Well-Known Member

    this is what made my depression go from mild to severe, adding up with all the insecurities and low self-esteem. i dont understand how this happens, it is just more painful than people imagine it to be.

    those words are beautiful and very similar to the ones i used to say and the bolded part was always a returning thought in my mind.

    i hope you can make it through this but know you can make it through this because i am going through this myself and its been about almost a year and im still not over it but i can feel it loosening and this urge to move on and get what i deserve.

    good luck:hug: