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Valentine's Day is just too depressing

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When you have nobody, Valentine's Day is just a middle finger in your face. Everywhere you go you are assaulted by Valentine's bullshit, gifts, lovey dovey crap, etc. There must be something wrong with you if you aren't buying Valentine's cards and chocolates for your lover!

I don't need the reminder. I am far too screwed up to ever have a partner. It hurts badly, but that's the way it is I guess.

Does anyone else get especially depressed on Valentines Day? :(


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screw st valentine...he wasn t even a saint for christ's sake...Some people wanna make profit and they use this day to make u feel bad...Even if you are in love and u do have a partner a flower is not enough coz both men and women have been brainwashed about this.It s not about the gesture, it s about how money u spend.If u spend much then u love much.

Screw them...Use that money for a better cause
FUCK valentines day.

All it is is a commercial, large profitable holiday which incidently labels people who have/haven't got people on this the mother of all non-holidays.

Don't let it bring you down, its just social hysteria that everyone carries, because of what the media is like when it comes to this day and what is "expected" of everyone. I don't let it bother me, its just a day, no different from the rest, just everyone acts like its a day to love and share gifts with one an other, and thats fine, but if you truly did love someone, wouldn't everyday be a valentines day?

See what i mean? Forget about it man, its not worth being upset over, screw it. :wink:


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i hate valentines day
theres a girl id like to send a few stuff to, however guess what... she somewhat knows about my problems. suppose it freaks her out :wink: , big surprise.
so it's just me for another valentines day. well try to ignore it. its only a day, a day with a lot of teddy bears, roses and choclates :D
who gives a fuck...
Even though the only relationship that I had was online I don't really notice it.

I guess it's because I don't really crave love and romance, it's the physical side of things that I long for.


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The truth is that i get a little depressed watching everyone scheduling special dinners and stuff, but hey, just cause i'm miserable, doesn't mean everyone else can't be happy....

Just another day for me.....


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Honestly, watching all the happy people around me, it's sickening. Depressing, but it's no fault of theirs. It's my fault I'm like this.


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i don't mind it much, just as long as i have friends to chill out with instead. and a big bucket of ice cream. mmm.
the guy i am seeing currently has problems of his own, which is why we are not spending valentines together. he would rather mope all cooped up in his room.


nothing like commercialism to destroy something wonderful

welcome to hollywood, destroyer of reality.


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Yea i hate valentines day aswell because i have never had a person to spend it with. I kinda do this time but she dosnt live near me. I was ready to leave school because of all the stupid gifts and shit people get. I hate valentines day it makes me feel like shit.


It both sucks... Christmas and valentine... It's all about happy people, about love, smiling blah blah


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I think most everyone on this forum agrees, as do I. It makes me realize just how much my life didn't work out the way I wanted it to, in spite of all I've put into it. I think the best way I've seen it put was in a Charlie Brown quote that someone had on their signature on this forum a couple months ago: "Why do we have to have a holiday season? I know nobody likes me. So why do we have to have a holiday season to emphasize it?"
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