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    What the fuck gives you the right to go into my room while I'm away and search through everything, all my private belongings, diaries, everything....the drawers and the bed pulled out and then put back in the wrong place, I could tell things had been moved, what the FUCK gives you the right to do that?
    And then I call you up to ask you why, you make up a load of bullshit excuses, it almost was funny, I could hear you going um and ahh trying to think of things...every excuse you gave I said, 'tell me the real reason I know thats a lie' and then you tell a different wht the hell do you think I'm stupid or something?
    Then you start trying to change the subject, going 'well about that time you did that in my room' which btw I never did, like trying to make it seem like I've done something wrong. So I go, 'when did I ever do that? tell me when?!' and you hang up. You hang up!
    I just don't understand why you did it, I'm a private person, I keep certain things to myself, THAT IS MY RIGHT.
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    i know how that feels Elizabeth, and i'm truly sorry.

    not having any privacy really sucks...=/
    hope you feel better :hug: