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Vivid Dreams

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Does anyone ever have very vivid dreams??
Mine are usually somewhat out of sequence, and I experience what's called clipping, where things jump around a bit like scene changes in a movie with a flash of white noise.
Sometimes they're quite horrific. Not quite nightmares, but not at all pleasant either.
They're usually highly symbolic, and to a degree I'm almost aware that I'm dreaming when I'm having the dream.
The strangest part though is that sometimes they are reoccurring, but from after a long time of me having the previous dream. Like a couple years in difference.

I have also had very vivid dreams where I have dreamed of places that my friends have dreamed of but have never told me about ever, like dreams and places where they never talk to anyone at all about. About the only reason I believe that they weren't leading me on with it, is because of the nearly terrified response they gave me about it, otherwise I'd have just thought that they were fucking with me.

Has anyone else ever experienced any of this at all?


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I keep having the same dream once a month. I don't understand what it means and te dream flows smoothly, whereas my other ones are usually very choppy. And I can usually tell that I'm dreaming, but when I try to wake myself up from an undesirable dream I can't.
I've had a repeat dream occasionally for almost 15 years. Its half scary half true, but with twisted weird realities. I guess it has some parts similar to what you describe as clipping. It does feel like a play scene ends, where things get totally black or I walk through impossible doorways, and boom i'm somewhere else and different things happen.

I also have a repeating, but not really, dream of being in a fish tank when someone is pregnant. Many people, friends family whoever, that I come in contact with, if I dream of them with me in a fish tank has turned out to be pregnant. I.t's very weird, and though there are many I can't confirm as they are strangers, i've never missed a beat with people I do know, whether or not I see them.

They say dreams are a puzzle from within us, a link to all our senses and expressive.. but suppressed on a regular basis. I think I will have both these dreams forever until I figure all of them out. Like.. i'm on to something, so they keep coming.


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I also have a repeating, but not really, dream of being in a fish tank when someone is pregnant
That is awesome. You are a seer! Dreams are quite fun. Usually I only remember dreams if i wake up during it. In my favorite dreams, months or years pass, I have a new place to live, new friends and work, the world has some fascinating difference, then I wake up and lose it all.


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i have lots of very vivid dreams, used to have them more often before i got medicated. some come like in episodes ... usually i have good dreams i think because i try to maintain a positive mindset.
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