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Empathy Only Warning trigger. I wonder what comes to therapist mind when I explain this....


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Trigger warning.

My therapy appointment is in few hours but I don’t feel like therapy right now... This has been me for these few months.. I wonder what will they think of me lol...



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@sinking_ship kitty trying 🥺

say, do you know how many calories are there in one french toast and one banana? i was given 4 french toast for brunch and fruits cause I skip breakfast and got scolded as always, when I so desperately want to fail lunch after only had small dinner yday cause kitty didnt give them my promise to finish eating after playing 🥺

But idky, i feel so anxious around food like sis, I just lost 5 kilos and I mean if I eat again, I am just gonna waste all the hard work. so i just end up eating 1 french toast and 1 banana. also, my therapist is beginning to think I have eating disorder. this is what i am trying to avoid. while my therapist told me to wait, I am counting all the food calories in take like if those cause me 400 calories im gonna exercise again tonight, i feel tired from yday playtime but I feel desperate to burn those again.


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If you are trying to exercise more than you eat, yes that's unhealthy. How many meals are you actually eating in a day?


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Shippie, we both have quite same mh condition - well almost 😂

I am just so happy right now how my friends force me to go for help cause I wasnt really at a good mental health state. Like I really need to go bck imh as stubborn as I was to fully understand how to control my ADHD cause when certain situation triggers that, I get too fixate in a problem and back again no control when I had good days, when I can deal with my mothers and pressures better. Nothing is my pcos fault. I had no condition that doesn’t allow me to not have sugar completely, as thats what she sees in me to cause of the drastic diet and she gave me how my vicious eating cycle works if I didn’t take care of my mental health properly. And back to dietician for that ed assessment/proper healthy diet again.

My therapist even lets me cry. 😺

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