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Ways to deal with misophonia being overwhelming?


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Gosh freaking dang I can't stand.. I can't STAND that I keep hearing... argh I wish I could show you guys.. what it sounds like but I.. keep hearing kids running around upstairs and like... loud noises of... literally I don't know what because I don't live upstairs.. and.. its sooooo loud and annoying.

It's sooooooo annoying to me!!!

And for 5 times in a row, I grabbed my phone to record the noises, but then it's quiet for 15 seconds so I hit stop recording, then I hear loud noises again from upstairs, so I grab my phone to record and it's mostly quiet again, then it's loud again after I stop recording.

OH GOD AND NOW I... GOD!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know how to describe the noises at ALL AND I AM LITERALLY HEARING IT NOW WHILE TYPING THIS.

................ LITERALLY MY COMPUTER MONITOR IS SHAKING NOW I KEEP HEARING.... um.. I don't know how to describe it





The person that owns this place said people aren't allowed to move to another room unless there is a very serious health or safety concern.

I wish I didn't listen to my dad's advice about him suggesting that I live on this floor instead of the top floor, he said it'd be quieter for me since the ventilation system was louder on the top floor (I never noticed it myself, but I have low self-esteem and trusted my dad and went with his advice and now I regret it.)



IT KEEPS MAKING ME THINK of when I told someone online that the noise bothers me and that I think its Gods way of punishing me and they told me its good that I feel bad and that I should continue to feel bad,

it makes me think of how EVERY TIME my dad visits to come pick me up, he says its quiet and he tells my mom that he doesn't know what I'm talking about.

It keeps making me think of the guys on Steam that keep telling me they think the noise is all in my head and not really real. I wish I could get a good recording of the noise and post it online so that doubters would finally believe me that it seriously is loud here. Its so hard for my phone to pick up the background noise of the people upstairs, though.

It's seriously so noisy and I absolutely can not stand it at all. And my doctor always notices how ear plugs irritate my ear a lot, so I tend to avoid using earplugs. And I don't wanna wear bulky headphones when laying down. and earpod headphones have always fallen out of my ears, I'm not good with those.

It's sooooo loud here, it is every day starting at 8am and I wake up really early from it. I'm usually night owl and I've tried changing my sleeping schedule several times in the past, but I haven't been able to change that I'm usually awake at night time and sleepy during the day. If I could, I'd sleep longer, but its so noisy upstairs.

I'm not laying down or trying to sleep now (but it did suck hearing those loud noises over and over again so I got out of bed at like 8:10am even though I was up all night on Saturday night when the shows I like to watch come on) but I keep hearing very loud noises that sound like people KEEP non-stop dropping very huge gigantic marbles on the floor and bouncing basket balls and people jumping up and down on the bed idk what the noises are but I keep hearing it all day long.

Any advice on dealing with misophonia?


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Thank you!!

Yeah I feel soo relaxed from medicine I took last night, but I still woke up hearing literal hammering noises upstairs, and now I'm hearing both a loud "BEEEEP beep beep beep" noise outside over and over from like construction or something idk but it's loud beeping, and also I hear the heat pipe in the wall right now, it keeps making a repetitive noise and the others where I live said there's nothing that can be done about the pipe. But yeah I can't stand hearing the people upstairs. ... and the loud beeping noises outside from like construction or something. I keep hearing the beeping right now..

I hope I can get some advice. Earplugs irritate my ears but it's really really noisy here, and I really don't know what to do..


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I wear headphones in the day when I'm sitting down and just working on stuff. At night, I have a good £20 fan blasting so I listen to that instead, or if it's too cold for fan, I usually play "white noise" or "rain playlists" from either Spotify or Youtube from my laptop or phone and have it near my ears on the pillow while I sleep.


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Apparently, from what I've read, a psychiatrist may be able to prescribe you something for 'obsessive thinking', as this condition has roots in that. But, it looks like, no specific medication currently is provided to treat this specific condition, which is a shame.

This is what I looked-up:

An audiologist may use sound therapy to reduce the perception of triggers and provide noise-masking devices.

A therapist can help patients learn healthy coping strategies for the emotional fallout from misophonia. Studies show that strategies derived from cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and acceptance and mindfulness techniques can reduce the severity of misophonia by challenging intrusive thoughts and cultivating relaxation to counter feelings of anger and rage.

The disorder is not currently listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5) or the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-10). Diagnosis, therefore, typically consists of an informal assessment. An audiologist can test a patient’s ears to rule out other audiological disorders. For example, misophonia is distinct from hyperacusis, which causes discomfort or pain from hearing everyday noises at regular or loud volumes, and occurs regardless of the situation, whereas misophonia is often context-dependent. If the onset of symptoms is sudden, it may be important to visit a neurologist to rule out other conditions.

The compulsive avoidant behaviors related to misophonia are also seen in obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). In fact, misophonia most commonly co-occurs with OCD, which has led researchers to propose adding misophonia to the obsessive-compulsive spectrum of disorders.

Maybe there's something within that, that can help. Best wishes to you.


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How can I show random complete strangers how annoying it sounds here, so that tons of random internet strangers shower me with attention so I feel better?

AAAARGH AND NOW I HEARD [noise idk what it is but it's from the people upstairs]

I keep thinking about how someone on Discord said "Imagine taking [ShyGuy] seriously." and also the guy on the internet that told me twice "to die" wrote that "every other word [ShyGuy] says is a lie." (But I am honest!!) I can't stand that, so I try to record as much about me and my family's life online so that people will see that I AM being honest and I don't lie.

But last time I recorded vent videos on Instagram and Twitter and Tumblr of me recording the background noises and screaming as loud as I possibly can angerly and throwing my food in my trash and feeling so bad about the noise that I scream that I am a zombie and I died 4 years ago from my internet Sensei's tweets, someone re-uploaded them to YouTube with titles like "[ShyGuy] manipulates his followers by staging a fake unconvincing mental breakdown" and people make fun of me in the comments

How can I show the Internet that I am not lieing, it really IS noisy here, so that over 1,000 completely random internet strangers will cover me in positive attention and hugs and I'll finally make lots of friends?


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I keep hearing "Beeeep beeep beeeep beeeep beeeep beeeep" noises outside. It's even in the paper the case manager wrote and my dad and everyone says yes there's construction work by where I live causing those noises.

How can I show the internet haters that I really am hearing these noises? So that they feel bad for me and stop documenting my past online life and harssing me.. I still hear the beeping...

I made videos before where I freak out and scream because it's too noisy here, but the haters re-uploaded it on YouTube with titles like "[ShyGuy] has an unconvincing, fake mental breakdown" How do I prove to the internet haters that harass me and stalk me and tell me "to die" that it really IS noisy here!? It's hard to get them to believe me..


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misophonia is real.
No amount, and I mean NO AMOUNT of ”proof” will garner pity via the internet.
please, reread that sentence until you understand.

you need to focus on techniques to help you manage your misophonia. if you live in a building with other people, a new room will only give you different overwhelming noise. You need to focus on your ability to tolerate noise.

you can do it!


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Anyone have any recommendations on some good earmuffs or other noise blocking devices to use?

My mom gave me a fan to turn on at night, and that helped.

But this morning, even with the fan fully turned on, I kept hearing "buhm!" noises upstairs, like someone bouncing a ball or something.

I got earmuffs at a store, but they don't block out a lot of the loud noises like people upstairs are dropping very heavy objects on the floor and hammering a screw on something on the floor, it sounds like.

My eyes are a bit dry cuz I didn't get much sleep, argh and I still keep hearing it now, along with more brick dust falling by my bed every time there's those loud "Boom" noises upstairs. I wish my dad didn't suggest that I live on this floor instead of the top one..

Bulky headphones are generally uncomfortable for me to wear for longer than an hour though, like the headphones I have. It'd be nice to still be comfortable while laying down on my side, but having the noises blocked out.. Sometimes I use earplugs, but it takes a few attempts to wear them right, and my doctor says it irritates my ears a lot.

Please either message me or reply if you have a suggestion(s) on what I could get to help block out the loud noises when I'm trying to sleep in the morning.
Hey. Unfortunately, I've never been any good with offering advice :( but I just wanted to say that I know what you're going through and I believe you.

What you said in your first post sounds VERY similar to my neighbours and I know how it feels to have family come over and say that it's quiet.

Do you have the option of moving?


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The place where I live is very very very good except for the noise problem, so I don't wanna move. I probably wouldn't be facing these problems if it weren't for the fact that I had the option to live on either the top floor or a different floor, and my dad suggested I live on this floor cuz the ventilation/cooling system is a tiny bit louder on the top floor (I never noticed it myself.) And now my dad says he never said that, but he did..

I hate this... I was visiting extended family for like 3 weeks cuz it's always noisy here... I came back yesterday and it's still super noisy.. so I keep going on very long walks to the graveyards at night, playing Pokemon Go all day and night long.. But when I come back from the walks, it's still super noisy here the moment I walk in the door.. I keep hearing noises upstairs of like kids running around and like a knocking sound on the floor like toys keep falling on the floor or something and it's so annoying >__<

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