Welfare for the victims of severe workplace bullying

Discussion in 'Bullying and Violence' started by Prodius, Dec 19, 2012.

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  1. Prodius

    Prodius New Member

    Welfare for all victims of severe workplace bullying, pranks, harassment, violence ect...because making them repay their debt in full out of their taxes is the only way of stopping them from picking on people. Nobody wants to work with workplace bullies. Anyone severely traumatised in the workplace has a right to welfare, preferably the Disability Pension. From a personal position I took five years of abuse in the workplace, I was hospitalized, then I announced my retirement to the Government and then government started dictating my will to bullies.
  2. Jaimeisbroken

    Jaimeisbroken Well-Known Member

    I am sorry for the bullying that you had to endure for 5 years.

    I am going to ask a few questions and I promise you that I am not trying to hurt you or belittle your expression of frustration.

    If a person advocated government to acquire the financial funds of another for the purpose of retribution, would that not be government coercion and in fact a type of bullying?

    Why limit the "right to welfare" to only those traumatized in the workplace? Wouldn't rape be a difficult enough of a trauma to warrant the "right to welfare"? If rape would be included in this, what about family members of suicide victims?

    I personally will do everything in my power to not EVER accept welfare from the government. I have two main reasons and many more reasons but I will only mention the 2 main reasons here. (1) If the government can pass a law that will allow them to provide welfare to a person because of "bullying" or any other reason, they can later pass a law that takes that welfare away. (2) I personally can't think of any stronger of a reinforcement of one's own sense of negative feelings than to have knowledge that I have become dependent on another for my survival. The constant worry of that support being revoked is something that would be to me as bad as bullying or being assaulted everyday. It bothers me that I depend on my own father for housing, even though I pay for much of my own necessities and nearly all of my non-essentials.

    This has just been my opinion, and again I wasn't trying to belittle your struggle. We are all individuals and react/handle things uniquely individually.

    I hope you feel better.
  3. Prodius

    Prodius New Member

    Hi, thanks for your post. Sorry it was an outburst for of a lifetime of being discriminated and abused. If the bullying victim, rape victim or a family member of a suicide victim has affected their ability to work because of a debilitating illness such as major depression or post-traumatic stress disorder, than that person should not work. I believe those can work should work and those can’t shouldn’t. In Australia we have sickness benefits for short term illnesses and the claimant needs a doctor to fill out a medical report.

    In my case, at my first job where I was working in a factory I was there for 5 years, my work colleagues used to call me “Loser” “Dumb ****” they got very angry at me because I was not able to cope with the tasks required and keep up the performance level of them. They used to mock me the way I talked and the way I couldn’t do the tasks. They had also physically hit me. Feeling suicidal I went to the doctor and he referred me to a psychologist when I told the psychologist that the workforce claimed I was dumb. My psychologist referred me to do the Stanford Binet test of intelligence where I scored a full scale IQ of 72 (borderline). I was so upset when I got results I attempted suicide. But I persevered on and found another job doing lawn mowing my boss always yelled at me saying I’m not doing the job right and that I’m useless.

    I then found another job as a car detailer and my work colleagues called me “captain slow” during this job I developed psychotic illness schizophrenia. I was hospitalised and they put me on olanzapine (zyprexa) and my doctor said I was unfit for work. So I claimed the disability support pension because the meds made my function even slower than I already was. I wish I didn’t have borderline IQ and schizophrenia because I’d rather be like everyone else with a good career but instead cursed by disabilitys.
  4. Jaimeisbroken

    Jaimeisbroken Well-Known Member

    First I want to say that you do not come off as someone with a 72 IQ. I know people on the honor roll at school and some of my friend's older brothers and sisters that are in college and when I read what they write it is often much harder to understand than what you have written here. I'm not an expert by any means but those IQ tests seem flawed to me.

    Here in America we have disability which we and our employer pay in the form of taxes, but for the most part, except in extreme cases it doesn't cover mental illness. We do have insurance we can purchase through a private insurer that does cover mental illness.

    Your former employers and co-workers called you names and made fun of you because they themselves have a poor self-esteem. They feel empowered and feel as if they are part of the "in crowed" when they collectively attack another. Of course it is all a farce because the real "in crowed" accept people for who they are.

    I can't even pretend to be able to give you any advice being that I am just a high school student. However I have had people call me names, make fun of me and pick on me for various reasons. When I first moved to America in 2004 I spoke very little English and the adjustment of settling into school surrounded by people who I couldn't hardly communicate with was difficult for me. I often wondered what those around me were saying and it made me uncomfortable. Often I would pick up on words that I knew were demeaning toward me. I asked my mom why those people didn't like me and although I was only nine years old when this took place I still remember very clearly what she said to me. She asked me, "Are the people who made fun of you your friends? If not why do you care what they think of you?"

    I didn't really understand exactly what she meant immediately but over the next few years it became clear to me that she was telling me that there will always be people who CHOOSE to be mean. The people who choose to be mean are not a friend, and their opinions and actions are just that, their opinions and actions. I understood that what mattered the most was how the people who CARED about me treated me and how I treated myself.

    Again, I hope you are feeling better.
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