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what and why


Jay Jay from the UK
Staff Alumni
Hi All,

I hope you all dont find me being intrusive when I ask this question but I am keen to know more and see what we as a collective group can do to help,

as you all know I am a very open person and pretty much an open book and happy to talk about all aspects of Mental health (as long as YOU feel comftable)

for me I was different when I started self harming at the age of 17 and was losing my temper. I thought it was just down to hormones being a 17 year old lad but it was to be the start of something different. the over the years i got progressively worse and started hearing voices telling me to do stuff etc.

Over the years it progressed and progressed some more my temper got worse, I ended up being a football hooligan and got in with the wrong crowd and was fighting a lot in my mid twenties drinking heavily and just being a naughty boy, every weekend football day would come along and that would be it I knew I would be out for a scrap somewhere., I am not proud of my past and not proud of the things that I have done not one bit.

when i got an official diagnosis in 2011 i was diagnosed with BPD, Autisum and Anxiety all stemming from my childhood where I was abused mentally by my parents! i had this suprerssed from the age of 17, I was 32 when i got a diagnosis!

my mental health come at a cost, I lost my wife, my family and my home due to my mental health and not finding the right resources, i didnt live homeless I rented when I lost my wife my family and my home and I had to work hard very hard over the years to turn my life around and change me and who I am BUT with the love and support i got from a new circle of friends and my immediate family I did. and now im the most loving and caring man you could come across. I no longer have a bad bone in my body.

all i want is the chance to find a way to tell my story and help others tell theirs!
Good morning, thank you for sharing your story. I’m sorry you had to go through so much.

Thank you for talking with me the other day too. Talking always helps me see things clearly.

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