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What Does Christmas Mean In Our Time?

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What Does Christmas Mean In Our Time?

Sunday 27th November 2016. Today is Advent Sunday, also called the First Sunday of Advent among the Western Christian Churches. It is the first day of the liturgical year and the start of the season of Advent. On this day in Lutheran, Anglican and Methodist churches priests wear violet-coloured or blue vestments and the first Advent candle is lit at Mass in the same colours.

The Age of Aquarius began around the year 1900 of our time and the question arises whether Christmas still has any meaning for us and our world. We have reached the age when the God’s sacred wisdom and truth is flowing with ever increasing strength directly from the Source of our being into all human hearts and souls who are open and ready to receive it, as well as those of our whole world. The deeper we move into this age, the more powerful these energies can be felt and the clearer it becomes that Christmas really has a great deal to give to us.

Earth life is a school, a mystery school to be precise. I am saying this because throughout my writings the mysteries of the Jesus story have constantly been revealing themselves. The tale turned out to be a legend, but in my view Christmas and the birth of the Christ child has much more meaning for our present time than could previously have been imagined. And that’s what this collection of chapters from my jottings is all about.

I believe that the Jesus legend was specifically designed to move us and our world, when the right time for it had come, onto a higher spiritual octave and into ever new dimensions of experiencing our earthly existence. As you will soon be able to see for yourself, the weeks of Advent are a preparation for the birth of the Christ child, who for over two thousand years has been waiting to be born in the heart of humankind, individually and collectively. And if you belong to those who are asking: ‘Can Christmas still give us something?’, my reply is: ‘Yes, it has!’ And you have come to the right place to find out what.

* * *

Christmas In Our Time

When we live in difficult times
As a good example of what having faith truly means;
When we try to make sense of the sacred texts of our world
And find in them a new understanding of the symbolisms
Of the ancient wisdom each one of them contains;
When we realise that the newly born in the manger stands for the
First stirrings of everybody’s own Divine qualities
Of love, respect and compassion for all lifeforms,
Which eventually comes alive in every human heart and soul;
When as a result of this, we humbly kneel in love and devotion
Before what the Holy child and Its parents in truth represent,
That’s what Christmas means in our time.

When another one of God’s children of the Earth
Finds out that the Jesus story is a legend
And that no-one will wave some kind of a magic wand,
To save and redeem us and our world,
And that the only way this can happen is when each one of us
Brings forth from within their own Christ characteristics,
And starts to behave accordingly,
Another Divine spark is coming alive and a Christ child born.
That is what Christmas means in our time.

When through such knowledge those in despair
Find rest and peace, comfort and healing;
When the bringer of this good news acts unselfishly,
With love and integrity, honesty and truth,
And without seeking their own advantage,
But feels compassion and enters with into the other one’s suffering,
More sparks in human hearts are coming alive,
Christ is born on the Earth plane and
It’s Christmas in our time.

When in recognition of their true nature as children of the One,
People’s hearts and souls open up and reach out
To each other and say: ‘I forgive you!’,
The wounds of all lifetimes are healing
And the soul of our world does the same;
When human beings treat each other with kindness and respect
For themselves and each other;
When hands reach across all barriers of race, colour, dogma and creed,
And souls, knowing that we are all children of the One,
Look for that which unites us and forget about
What once separated us from each other,
It’s Christmas in our time.

When souls love each other wisely, through thick and thin,
Faithfully and true, totally and unconditionally,
The way our Creator loves all of us,
Their love is Divine and holy;
When people understand that God means the Holy Trinity of
The Great Father/Mother of all life,
Whose only born Son/Daughter is the Great White Light
At the top of the spiritual mountain,
The Universal Christ;
When yet another one of us grasps that it was S/He who
Once spoke to us and our world through
The tale of the Master Jesus,
To teach us about the initiations all human souls
Have to experience in the end,
It’s Christmas in our time.

When the depiction of the child in the manger
Helps us to recognise the love of our own Divine Parents,
The Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
Who created our world and everything in it,
Including each one of us, to offer us opportunities for learning
Something from every experience and
For growing in wisdom and understanding;
When with deep gratitude we feel that the Divine characteristics
Of our true parents are coming alive in ever more hearts,
And increasing numbers of us are making a conscious effort
To act in more loving ways and that in all their encounters,
Not just at Yuletide but any day of the year, then every day
Is Christmas in our time.

When, for the people of today, these good things happen,
Regardless of the events in the world around us,
Christmas, in spite of everything that some say against it,
Truly becomes a feast of joy;
When the imagery of the child in the manger
Helps us to recognise and reconnect with our own inner child,
And we take a new delight in the beautiful old stories and carols,
Because we recognise that in a way they have always been true, after all,
It’s Christmas in our time.

When instead of taking the ancient tales literally,
The way it was done in past ages,
People start to look for the esoteric symbolisms
That are hidden behind the surface words and through this
Find a fresh appreciation for them;
When yet another human soul on the Earth plane
Grasps that the only thing that was ever needed
Was a fresh interpretation of these stories,
Then a renewal of faith is taking place in our world
And a genuine love of God’s wisdom and truth,
Mercy and love grows in ever more hearts and
It’s Christmas in our time.

When people of all nations throw away their weapons
And resolve their disputes in peaceful ways;
When instead they reach out for each other in friendship and love;
When with each new soul who awakens to their true nature,
The Christ spirit is born and comes alive in yet another human heart,
The soul of our world and the Angels in the Heavens rejoice,
For at long last the long promised second coming
And true Christ-Mass is taking place on the Earth,
And Christmas has in our time found its real meaning.


From ‘Words of Wisdom For The Seasons Of The Year’

* * *​
We Three Kings Of Orient Are

The 6th January is the day of the Epiphany, one of the three principal and oldest festival days of the Christian churches. The others are Easter and Christmas. The Epiphany is a commemoration of the day when the legend tells us that the presence of the baby Jesus Christ was for the first time revealed to our world. The word itself has its origin in the Greek ‘epiphaneia’, which means manifestation and/or exposure to view. The event originated in the Eastern church, where at first it also included a celebration of Christ’s birth. However, by the year 354 the church in Rome had decided to move the date of Christ’s birth to the 25th December and the Epiphany to the 6th January. In the Western church the festival is primarily in honour of the visit of the infant Jesus by the Magi, while the Eastern church celebrates it in memory of the baptism of Jesus.

For Christian churches throughout our world the Epiphany has remained a holy day. Special services are celebrated every year in remembrance of the day when, according to the Jesus legend, the holy infant was first presented to our world. In spite of the Bible’s aversion to astrology, it is interesting to note that at the time the New Testament was written, astronomy and astrology were still one subject that was widely practised. How fortunate that the more enlightened Christians of our time no longer have any difficulties with accepting that the three wise men, had they ever existed in the reality of Earth life, would have been astronomers as well as astrologers.

The symbolisms contained in the Epiphany story are poignant and potent ones. To my mind, there are some significant parallels between this tale and our age, because we have reached the phase of our development as a race when the Christ child is waiting to be born in all hearts. First there are the three wise men, who came to worship and adore the child and to present it with their gifts. The three companions are thought to have been Persian priests, astronomers and astrologers. In Christianity’s early days the men were called magi, because their activities were then considered to be magic. St. Matthew’s Gospel is the only one that mentions this fact. The men’s gifts suggest that they could have come from Babylon, Arabia, Sheba or Yemen.

Later traditions gave the men separate nationalities and colours of skin, as a symbol of the worship of the Christ child by all nations. The wise ones were called Balthazar, Melchior and Gaspar or Casper. It was only in the third Century that the church declared them to be Kings, possibly in an attempt to justify the prophecy in Psalm 72:11: ‘May all Kings fall down before him.’ You will be able to find out more about the symbolism of the men’s kingship and their gifts in the chapter ‘The Three Wise Men’, which will follow shortly.

Be that as it may, the legend tells us that the men could read God’s Wisdom in the stars. Wisdom and knowledge spiritually are light and ignorance darkness. The knowledge that came to the men intuitively is the light of the Highest Star that was capable of leading them to the child in the stable. In the same way, modern astrology can act as the light that shows each one of us the way to the Christ child in our own hearts. The crib and the stable represent the human heart, the most humble place on Earth. And now at long last the time has come for the child of the highest parentage, the Christ child, to come fully alive in all hearts. Yet, it can do so only when we approach it with a loving and reverend heart and above all with sincerity and deep humility. And when it does come alive, it shows us how we each can do our own share of blessing and healing, saving and redeeming ourselves, each other and our world.

Shepherds, in the Middle East at the time the Jesus legend was created, were considered to be the lowest of the low of all people. Thus the shepherds and the visiting kings represent the lowest and the Highest ranks of population in our world. All human souls on the Earth plane eventually reach the evolutionary level when they freely and willing kneel before their Christ child and pray for its help, hence: ‘Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Christ is our Lord!’ So holy and entirely good is the child in the manger that even the sheep and the oxen, who represent the animal part of humankind’s nature, do not feel threatened and are unafraid. And so they kneel peacefully and contently by the side of the child. Its High and Holy parents, in earthly life symbolised by Mary and Joseph, are looking on and all present are joint together in adoration of the child. The Christ Star above the stable shines into the heart and soul of us and our world to bring peace, while high above the Earth plane around the throne of God the Angels are singing their praises.

The world and its evil machinations are symbolised by Herod and those around him and all they stood for. Yet, in spite of all their efforts at killing the Christ child, they did not succeed. It could not be done because this very special child – then and now – enjoys the all-powerful protection by its Divine parents and the Angels. No matter how hard anyone tries to kill the Christ child within, in the long run it cannot be accomplished by anyone. And because each one of us is a spark of God’s great light and power, we are just as immortal and indestructible as the child in the manger and enjoy the same powerful protection.

The three men knew, as well as we do in our age, that knowledge is power. And because they were wise, they appreciated that their knowledge of the child should not be placed into the wrong hands, i.e. the unready. This applies to each one of us. No-one will force us to turn to God in prayer and meditation to consciously ask for help to be guided back into the wisdom and the conscious knowledge of our true self and into the presence of the Divine in our lives. Only when they have reached a certain evolutionary point are human souls ready to receive this knowledge.

Now our whole world is reaching this phase in its spiritual development and it is up to each one of us to call upon God’s knowledge and wisdom to guide and protect us, individually and as a race. If during our quiet reflections, prayers and meditations on the healing journey there rise from the innermost core of our being, our subconscious, memories from past lifetimes that appear to be too evil for words, fear not. God and the Angels are waiting for us to call upon them to show us how to resolve and redeem even our most ancient and difficult Karma. With their help even the greatest evil can and must be transmuted into the highest good for the whole of Creation.

I find it helpful to know that all my experiences only ever came and still are coming into my life, because each one is trying to teach me something. All our experiences always come for this reason, in spite of the fact that for a very long time we lack the spiritual awareness to understand their meaning. Appreciating and accepting that this is so, sets us free to look for and find the intended learning from the experiences of the past – our own and those of our world. When human souls finally understand why things had to happen, their gratitude for even the most traumatic events is genuine and heartfelt. In this way they are transmuted into well learnt lessons and have at last found a constructive use.

The awareness that every soul contains God’s highest qualities enables each one of us to make a conscious effort at bringing forth their very best from the depth of our own being. That is how all of us in the end have to deal with and slowly overcome the drives and urges of our earthly nature, which in this procedure is nailed to the cross of Earth. The cross is humankind’s oldest known symbol for our earthly existence. For a very long time the seed of the Christ child has been waiting to come fully alive in every heart and soul, and there is plenty of evidence everywhere that this is now happening.

The deeper we and our world proceed into the Aquarian Age, the more of us are ready to assist the birth and maturing process of their own Christ child. This requires the building of bridges that enable us to cross from the outgoing Age of Pisces into the new one. And that is where astrology once more enters the picture, because it provides us with valuable clues and fresh insights into the hidden meaning of many of the spiritual teachings of the past, including those of the Bible. Some of these sacred texts are undoubtedly as valid now as they were in days gone by.

During its awakening the Divine spark in our hearts turns into a small still flame of love. When this unites itself and comes together with the sacred fire of Mother Earth and Father Sun, the leaping flames of the ensuing fire of love uplift and transmute the soul’s fears and anxieties of Earth life into total faith and trust in God and the Angel’s all-powerful protection. My kind of astrology is applied psychology that can show the way for anyone who is ready to assist their Christ child to grow into adulthood, and through their communications with their Highest or God Self find rest, peace and healing.

Away In A Manger

I believe that the story of the life of the Master Jesus was once given to humankind as an allegory of how each one of us, as soon as we have become sufficiently evolved, is required to conduct ourselves, not only in our daily lives on the outer plane but – far more importantly – on the inner level. The birth of Jesus, his temptations, illumination, crucifixion and ascension provide us with illustrations of the initiations, i.e. experiences every human spirit on the Earth plane eventually has to undergo on its way back into the full conscious awareness of its true nature and oneness with God.

The tale of the baby in the manger and its visitors, the three wise men, contains a wealth of hidden esoteric wisdom. It must have puzzled the sages for a very long time why gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh should be given to a newly born child. The Master’s birth is particularly relevant. Each one of the wondrous gifts the men bring is a symbol for the various lessons every soul requires in its earthly existence. Gold stands for the spiritual Sun behind the Sun, its Creator, who takes care of the material health and wealth of all his children of the Earth. Frankincense or incense is the wisdom which every child must find on the Earth plane through gathering its own experiences. Myrrh is an extremely bitter substance and represents the gift of bitterness and sorrow, which all God’s children also have to become familiar with on this level of life.

Every child receives these gifts from the three wise men, who in the original prophesy were described to be kings. This is a metaphor for the fact that the Angels, Masters and guides who surround us at all times, are from the highest levels of life. Having been put in charge by the Highest, our true parents, of every soul’s education throughout all its experiences on all levels of life, they are at all times guiding and protecting us. No child of Earth is ever left entirely to its own devices. As each child of the Earth has to learn the wise use of the material and spiritual gifts that have been bestowed upon it, none of us are ever left entirely to our own devices. Becoming familiar with the sorrow and bitterness of earthly life, as well as its joys and pleasures is an inevitable part of every soul’s curriculum in physicality, without them no growth and expansion of consciousness is possible.

In exchange for the painful and traumatic lessons we all have to take part in every soul in its own right acquires an ever more magnificent store of the Divine qualities of love and wisdom, compassion and tolerance, kindness and sweetness. The devotion in human hearts is the frankincense that reaches heavenwards to God and the Angels in our prayers. Every true prayer that flows from anyone’s heart lifts our own spirit and that of the whole race above the Earth plane. Like incense it rises into the Heavens and calls from God and the Angels the yearned for responses.

In never ending cycles and circles the evolution of all life inexorably moves forwards and upwards – and we with it – onto ever higher and more beautiful levels of experience. Humankind’s destiny is indeed a high and holy one, for we are young Gods in the making. That is why lifetime after lifetime and round and round the wheel of life, whose symbol is the zodiac, every child of Earth must wander, as in this way along it can learn from and grow, each through our own experiences.

Every new lifetime takes us through a different sign of the zodiac. In each one of them different lessons are integrated and character aspects acquired, which are re-enforced each time we re-enter the same sign in other lifetimes. The more we learn to pay attention and willingly listen to what the stars can teach us, the more the signs can impart their special blessings upon us. To find out more about this, I recommend the study of my interpretations of the Sun signs in the Astro Files.

All the qualities that are in God are also in us and as earthlings each one of us contains the very best as well as the worst. Our potential is unlimited and anything anyone else can do, we can do too. If that’s what we wish with all our heart and soul, within reason the Highest will help us to bring it in manifestation, so that we may learn from the outcome. Any spiritual gift we acquire in the form of wisdom and understanding is ours to keep in all Eternity – no force between Heaven and Earth will or can take them from us.

Top of the list of desirable characteristics we have been placed on the Earth plane to acquire is loving wisely, the way God loves us, totally and unconditionally. This is closely followed by tolerance, honesty, integrity, truthfulness, loyalty, compassion, kindness and simple goodness of heart. We are here to develop the kind of gentleness that is by no means a sign of weakness but of strength of character. Any of these things can only be gained by living through all manner of experiences in the course of a vast number of lifetimes on the Earth plane.

In contrast to this, the material gifts the Universe so generously hands out to all of us are of a temporary nature and have to be handed back at the end of each earthly sojourn. Every child of Earth eventually has to learn to let go of them gracefully and thankfully and returning them in as good condition as possible, when the time for doing so has come. The most important material gift is a new physical body, which the Universe supplies free of charge, each time our education demands another re-entry into physicality. Our daily food and drink, clothes to wear, fuel to keep warm and everything else we find in our environment is a gift from the Creator to us, Its human children of the Earth. This applies especially to the natural world and everything that shares our beautiful planet with us.

I believe that the Christ child, promised of old, the one we and our world have been waiting for, ever since each one of us came away from God, is the spark of the Divine, the magical child that is at present in the process of waking up in everybody’s own heart. Guided and protected by our inner teacher, our Highest or God Self, we have been placed in this life so that eventually we shall find our way back home into the conscious awareness of our true nature and of our oneness with God. The Star above the stable in Bethlehem is a symbolism for the Universal Christ, the Highest and the brightest Light in the whole of Creation, who all along has been lighting the way for each child of Earth, until all finally wake up to the presence of the seed of the Christ child in their own heart.

‘The second coming of Christ’ is an allegory for this rising from its slumbers. That is why in my view those who are hoping that the Master Jesus will take on another physical form to walk in our midst as the long promised World Teacher, shall wait in vain and be disappointed. Even if the Master really had existed and walked in our midst, another appearance during the present evolutionary phase of our world would be undesirable because too many would be distracted from the fact that the promised World Teacher is an inner experience that every soul eventually has to undertake on its own. Instead of continuing to search for outside influences for showing us our way through life, learning to listen to the guidance of the wise one, the living God within, is wiser by far.

God is in everything and everything is in God. Nothing is beyond or out of the reach of the power of God. As pointed out earlier, all that is in God is also in us, the highest and the best as well as the most evil and the worst – everything exists for wise reasons. And because everything is in our lives only by the grace and the will of our true parents, the great Father/Mother of all life, the Universal force of power, wisdom and love through which all things on every level of life come into being, the wise ones amongst us daily in equal measure express their gratitude for all their gifts, material and spiritual.

Isn’t it astonishing how much of the Ancient Wisdom of God’s sacred truth many of our traditional Christmas carols contain? In none of them can this be seen in a purer form than in the refrain of the song below:

Star Of Wonder

We three kings of Orient are,
Bearing gifts we traverse afar,
Field and fountain, moor and mountain,
Following yonder star.

O Star of Wonder, Star of Light,
Star with royal beauty bright,
Westward leading, still proceeding,
Guide us to Thy perfect light.

Born a King on Bethlehem’s plain
Gold I bring to crown Him again,
King forever, ceasing never,
Over us all to reign.

Frankincense to offer have I,
Incense owns a Deity nigh,
Prayer and praising, voices raising,
Worshipping God on high.

Myrrh is mine, its bitter perfume
Breathes a life of gathering gloom.
Sorrowing, sighing, bleeding, dying,
Sealed in the stone cold tomb.

Glorious now behold Him arise.
King and God and sacrifice.
Alleluia, Alleluia,
Sounds through the earth and skies.
Alleluia the Earth replies!

O Star of Wonder, Star of Light,
Star with royal beauty bright,
Westward leading, still proceeding,
Guide us to Thy perfect light.

The Reverend John Henry Hopkins

* * *​

For some time the Age of Aquarius has been with us. It is the age of truth when God’s sacred wisdom and truth will be flowing every more powerfully from the heartmind of the Highest Forces of life directly into our hearts and that of our world. The Piscean Age has been the age of deceptions, lying and cheating, the bigger the better. During this age humankind for wise higher reasons, which we shall go into as we move along, was presented with spiritual knowledge that had to be believed blindly and at face value, without any explanations whatever for anything. The keepers of the sacred texts were allowed to tell people: ‘That’s the way it is! You better believe what we say or we shall kill you!’

Having reached the age of truth, it is everybody’s birthright to find out why things are they way they are, and why things happened in the past and are doing so to this day. If the chapters that are coming your way throughout my jottings may at times seem to be a bit on the long side to you, it is because at all times they are looking closely into the spiritual background of our earthly existence and attempting to unravel its mysteries. This is a process that simply cannot be told in a few words like a business report.

The Symbolisms Of The Christmas Story

The Ancient Prophecies Fulfilled

• Mark 4:22: ‘Whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open.’

• Luke 8:17: ‘For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.’

• Luke 12:2: ‘There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.’

• 1 Corinthians 4:5: ‘Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time. Wait until the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of the heart. At that time each will receive their praise from God.’

* * *​

Many by now are aware that all human beings who are taking part in earthly life at any given time are children of the Great Father/Mother of all life. Every human heart contains a spark of the Light of the Universal Christ, their only born Son/Daughter. Although initially the spark is only present in seed form, it is nevertheless the beginning of another Christ child waiting to be born on the Earth. In truth each one of us is the long promised and eagerly awaited saviour and redeemer, who will appear in our world when the energies are right for this to happen, and that on behalf of each one of us individually and our whole world. And the time for this is NOW.

Throughout the ages, the myth of the Christ child’s birth has been presented to us in many different forms. Those who have matured into spiritual adulthood have no difficulties grasping that this saving and redeeming refers to an inner event and not to something that will take place in the world around us. But because of humankind’s inability to understand such concepts at the time the Christian teachings were given, the appearance of the Christ child still had to be presented as having come about through a kind of Divine intervention that is called by the Christian ‘The Immaculate Conception’.

In those days this term was merely used as a symbolism for the Christ child of the Jesus legend, the Divine spark, who was indeed conceived on the highest levels of life, i.e. it emerged from the Universal Mind of the Great Father, just like the spark of any other human spirit. The Father is the masculine active and outgoing aspect of the Divine Trinity, represented by the astrological elements of Fire and Air. The Great Mother, the Goddess is the Father’s feminine, passive and receptive counterpart, the Earth and Water elements.

To bring about the conception of a new spirit, the masculine elements penetrate the feminine ones and begin to shape and mould them in keeping with the prototype of the species that exists in the Father’s mind. In the case of each human being that is called into being, He places the Divine spark in seedform into its heart. The spark already contains all characteristics and powers that are in its parents, Father’s and Mother’s in equal measure. This is how the spark is placed in every human heart without ever having been touched by anything to do with earthly life. Therefore, this conception truly is an ‘immaculate’ one.

And when you take a good look at our world with your inner eyes, lift yourself to a higher viewpoint on the wings of the Great White Spirit above the negative conditions that still exist on the Earth plane, you are sure to notice that there is plenty of evidence everywhere that the Christ child really is waking up in ever more human hearts. This is happening on the individual as well as the collective level. And that’s how the ancient prophecies are beginning to be fulfilled in a much more beautiful and magical way than anyone could ever have imagined in bygone days.

The Angels and Masters, friends and helpers in the world of spirit or light are in charge of the development of our world. Once you become aware of their presence and that of our other world, it is time for you to start looking out for the hidden esoteric meanings behind the surface words of the religious teachings of our world. You will soon recognise the symbolisms the wise ones in charge of us have been using down the ages. In times gone by there was no other way of explaining to us earthlings the underlying higher purpose and meaning of our earthly existence than with the help of symbolisms and metaphors. Now, however, we are ready for the truth and nothing but the truth.

One of the finest examples of this is the Star of Bethlehem. It is a six-pointed star that has been used for a long time as a symbolism for the merging of the Holy Trinity of the Great Father/Mother and Christ, their only born Son/Daughter, and humankind. Every aspect of the Trinity is our Highest or God Self, who has always been working on merging Its energies with those of humankind’s earthly threefold nature of mind, body, spirit and soul. Ultimately, the Star represents the perfected, i.e. the whole and holy son/daughter of God in whom all parts are peacefully co-operating for the highest good of all, under the guidance and protection of its inner teacher, the wise one within.

The Star is a metaphor for the healing process that is now taking place in us and our world between all small earthly selves and the Highest Forces of life. The lower triangle is our own small earthly self and the upper triangle is our Highest or God Self. As the lower surrenders itself to the higher and is gradually absorbed into it, the earthly self evolves into a miniature Christ Star and a Christed one in its own right. It has become a channel through which the light of the Christ Star radiates ever more powerfully into our world for the blessing and healing of all its lifeforms. And that represents the consummation of the sacred marriage between Heaven and Earth, which for some time has been taking place at an ever increasing pace.

The whole of the Christmas story is filled with metaphoric descriptions of the events surrounding the birth of the Divine child, including that it took place in a stable. The stable with its manger represents the most humble place on Earth imaginable and that is the human heart. During times of great need and deprivation, spiritual and material, through the suffering we endure our soul grows and the Divine spark in us begins to stir from its slumber and longs for its true home.

When in response to our soul’s yearning our earthly self at last reaches out for the blessing, healing and helping hand of its Highest or God Self, the birth of the Christ child has begun. From our human heart the infant in all its goodness and innocence looks with increasing astonishment at the darkness that still prevails on the Earth. In response to this an overwhelming desire to do something, anything to put an end to so much suffering rises from our soul into our earthly consciousness. Caring for and nurturing this part of our being helps it to thrive and grow into adulthood. It can then help us to do our share of establishing God’s kingdom on the Earth by doing what we can to make our world into a better and more peaceful place for all its inhabitants.

The Good Shepherds

As mentioned in the previous chapter, we are never alone in earthly life or anywhere else, although it often feels that way. Others are constantly walking with us, physically and metaphorically speaking. At all times the invisible hands of the Angels and Masters, friends and helpers of our other world, the world of light, are there for us. It is everyone’s birthright to get hold of these hands whenever the going gets too rough to cope on our own. Whenever one of us reaches out to them and calls for their assistance, they will never fail to respond.

These unseen friends are our siblings in the great family of life. Constantly at work in the spiritual background of our earthly existence, they are gently steering and sustaining each one of us. Yet, they can and will not do for us the work that the expansion of comprehending God’s sacred wisdom and truth requires. This is demanded from all His/Her children on every level of life. And because our friends and helpers are pursuing their individual evolutionary pathways, the same as we are, the work this requires can only be carried out by every one of us ourselves. We are all growing and evolving together, but each has to follow their individual pathway in the evolutionary processes of life.

Light spiritually means knowledge and ignorance darkness. And each one of us perceives the light of God’s sacred wisdom and truth through a differently shaped and coloured window of perception. It consists of the soul impressions that were left behind by the manifold different experiences of all our lifetimes, up to this very moment. But no matter how anyone goes about the task of working with the different illuminating rays of the Highest, all of them in the end come together as the Great White Light.

And that’s why the work our spiritual development demands from us can never be quite the same as anyone else’s and neither can their work be ours. Nonetheless, every pathway is a good one which incessantly moves all of us aspiring healers and lightbringers forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. The task before us depends at any given moment on the level of consciousness we have reached and the karma that is still waiting to be redeemed by us, in keeping with the great evolutionary plan for our whole race and world.

But no matter what may still be ahead of us, our friends will never fail to support us and whenever any one of us stumbles and falls and calls for their assistance, they draw very close to bring comfort and healing. The spirit world has always communicated with us through symbolisms and the shepherds of the Christmas story are a metaphor for our helpers in the world of light. In spite of the fact that they cannot be seen by earthly eyes, they are nonetheless there on the ‘other side’ of the veil of consciousness that separates our two worlds.

Many of them once walked the Earth, the same as we are presently doing. Having risen above the desires of the Earth plane, their spiritual vision has opened. Because they understand the struggles we are having at times with our earthly nature only too well, they look at us with great compassion and love. From their present position they are doing their best to coax their human siblings in earthly life forwards and onwards on their pathway. They are encouraging us to never give up, but to persevere with our efforts so that in the fullness of time our energies will be right to move on to join them at the higher levels of life.

The Bible in St. Matthew 18:10-14 tells us: ‘See to it that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you, the Angels always see the face of my Father in Heaven. The son of man has come to save what was lost. What do you think? If a man should have a hundred sheep and one of them is lost, would he not leave the ninety nine on the mountain and go in search of the one that is lost? And if he should find it, truly I say to you, he rejoices over it more than over the ninety nine that were not lost. Even so, your Father in Heaven does not want one of His little ones to be lost.’

What could this teaching be trying to tell us? The explanation can be found through its symbolisms. Let’s take a look at the mountain first. It represents the highest level of life from which each one of us once descended on the road down the slopes that led us into experiencing life in physicality. At a later stage this is followed by an ascent up the steep face of the mountain that takes us back home into the full awareness of our true nature and oneness with God.

We, God’s children of the Earth, the whole human race are the sheep. Whether any one of us is as yet aware of this or not, at all times we are grazing safely on the mountain pastures, because good shepherds have been appointed by the Highest to look after us every moment of our existence. This applies wherever we may find ourselves in this world as well as in the spirit world. It is in the nature of our race’s earthly education that at certain times we have to stray. We do so when we follow the desires of our lower animal nature. The message of the above teaching is that if one of us gets lost along the way, our good shepherds will see to it that this is not going to be a permanent state.

There are many groups of spirit guides that are led by Angels and Masters from the highest levels of life. Each one of us earthlings belongs to one of these gatherings and someone like the Master described in the Jesus legend is at the head of every group. Many of our friends and helpers in the world of light are part of the great family of humankind. The only difference between them and us is that they are more highly evolved than we presently are.

As touched upon earlier, they too once walked the Earth, the same as you and I are doing, now. That’s why they appreciate the difficulties and struggles, the pain and miseries of those who are treading the evolutionary path behind them. From first hand experiences they know only too well that getting lost from time to time on the way up the spiritual mountain is as essential a part of humankind’s earthly education as any other. They appreciate how steep and demanding the ascent can be and are well aware of how strong the drag of the lower earthly self’s desire nature is when temptations come its way.

But undeterred by anything that happens, they walk hand in hand with us, regardless of the fact that for a very long time we have to be completely unaware of their presence. We may forget about them, but no matter what may ever befall us, they never leave us. They are always there to catch us when we fall, comfort us when we weep, heal us when we are sick and return us safely to our flock, and that on either side of the veil of consciousness that separates our two worlds. Yet, no-one can do our spiritual work for us or walk our predestined pathway for us. It can only be done by us.

Ever mindful of the difficulties this brings with it, the Great Spirit, our true Father/Mother in Heaven, i.e. the highest level of life, has assigned the task of taking good care of us to the Angelic hierarchy and the Masters of the spirit world. It’s their duty to ensure that not one single one of the little ones, God’s children of the Earth, can ever be truly lost. And each time the good shepherds return yet another one of us to their flock by helping us to become aware again of our true nature, the Heavens rejoice and celebrate our homecoming.

Who doesn’t recall the times when our small and frightened earthly self stumbled on its journey through life simply because we were still aware of our true nature and the spiritual background of earthly life? What is it in us earthlings that we tend to wait until things get so bad that we have nowhere to turn any more, before we at long last go down on our knees, literally or metaphorically speaking, to call for help? It’s the fear of the unknown that holds us back. We have yet to find out that in truth there is nothing to fear, except fear itself.

God and the Angels are constantly watching us and our spirit friends and helpers are waiting for a signal for any one of us, to allow them to draw closer. Whenever someone calls for their help, not to dazzle us with too much of its light – spiritual knowledge – at first it may arrive as the faintest glimmer. But slowly it grows stronger and more help through understanding comes. As our awakening progresses, our Highest Self with the passing of time guides us to the right people, books, magazine articles and other sources of information that reveal more of our way forward.

The Three Wise Men

The three wise men are yet another symbolism from the Christmas story. They came to the baby Jesus to offer their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh – more symbols! The gold they bring is the human soul’s inherent ability to transmute the base metal of its earthly animalistic nature into the pure gold of its true spiritual self. Frankincense stands for the gift of gentleness and sweetness which the soul in the fullness of time will develop. Myrrh represents the bitterness of sorrow and pain. And this too is a gift because understanding and compassion can only grow from our painful experiences. Through them our souls grow in wisdom and understanding and emotionally and spiritually we move forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. And at the end of all its painful lessons on the Earth plane every soul returns into the joy of being one again with God.

The three wise men, who came to worship and adore the child by bringing their gifts are thought to have been Persian priests, astronomers and astrologers. In Christianity’s early days the men were called magi, because their activities were then considered to be magic. St. Matthew’s Gospel is the only one that mentions this fact. The men’s gifts suggest that they could have come from Babylon, Arabia, Sheba or Yemen. Later traditions gave them separate nationalities and colours of skin, as a sign that the Christ child would be worshipped by all nations. The wise ones were called Balthazar, Melchior and Gaspar or Casper.

It was only in the third Century that the church declared the three men to be Kings. It is likely to have been an attempt to justify the prophecy in Psalm 72:11: ‘May all Kings fall down before him.’ What a long time we had to wait until it would become clear that this meant that the earthly self of all people, including Kings and their Queens, would kneel in worship before their own Christ nature, which in the first stage of its development manifests itself as the Christ child.

An assembly of Angels from the Christ circle are responsible for the spiritual progress of us and our world. To me, the kingship of the men is a symbolism for the elevated state of the groups of Masters and guides from the highest levels of life, who have been appointed by the Angels and are in charge of our individual and collective destiny. The groups consist of wise ones whose evolutionary pathway has taken them all the way through the experiences of Earth life and then beyond them onto the higher and highest levels of existence. Because of this the Masters and guides know and appreciate our struggles and the suffering it inevitably brings at times, to help our consciousness and souls to grow and expand.

Compassionate and immensely rich in spiritual knowledge and understanding, the wise ones rule over the human kingdom and our world like wise and loving monarchs. They wear their crown of their kingship with great humility. Just imagine, when you and I have evolved to a sufficiently high level, we may be allowed to serve our apprenticeship with them. They never leave our side and are always ready to bring some kind of assistance to those who reach out for them. They appreciate that times of great sorrow, pain, fear and loneliness are necessary for all human souls, as through these experiences our inner strength develops.

Our earthly education continues until we have matured sufficiently to be guided safely back home to the only place in the whole of creation where true safety can be found and that is in our oneness with God. Finding it, as well as genuine and lasting happiness is every soul’s birthright. Each one of us in their own sweet way is constantly seeking this state, but in my view it cannot be found on the Earth plane. Here it can only arise from the awareness of our true nature and the acceptance that whatever lessons are still waiting for us, they are sure to serve not only our own highest good and our greatest joy, but that of all life.

And even if great sorrow and pain remain to be endured by us, we can rest safely in the knowledge that we are learning something from the experience and are therefore growing in wisdom and understanding. It will comfort us to know that this is the only way in which any soul can eventually find its way back home into the greatest happiness of all, one that lasts forever, and that is the conscious awareness of our oneness with God and all life.

When you reflect on your past you are sure to recognise how you, the earthly self, quite happily and unperturbed soldiered through life, for as long as things were smoothly going your way. Yet, even at times like that we are not alone – the silent watchers are standing by and letting us get on with it. Times of suffering are necessary to shake us out of our complacency. That is why sometimes obstacles come thick and fast, until we no longer know which way to turn. But then, oh miracle! As the going gets ever rougher and we are in danger of getting lost in despondency and despair, a ray of light from somewhere penetrates our darkness. No matter how deeply a soul may be lost in its spiritual ignorance, there comes the moment when at last it goes down on its knees – if only metaphorically speaking – before God and prays for help. And as we know by now, to those who ask it will never be denied.

As good and bad times alike undoubtedly represent us with gifts from God, it would be most unwise to reject any them. Each one of them is drawn into life to act as birth helper and midwife to the Christ child. The traumatic events represent the Angel in disguise, whose lessons all God’s children of the Earth have to learn to accept and whose hand has to be touched, so that the Divine spark in us can come alive. The wisdom and understanding we gain through the thorny experiences of our lives are the true saviour of humankind, for they in the end reveal to us the glory of the infinite wisdom and the great love of the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, for all His/Her children. They bring us the gift of understanding God’s Universal laws, as that empowers us to begin to co-operate with them instead of struggling against them. This is what is going to save us and our world from chaos and destruction.

Christianity’s Symbolisms

Upon investigation you will find that not only the cross but all other major components of the Jesus myth are by no means unique to Christianity. They are much older than Judaism, from which Christianity once emerged. Judaism too did not suddenly appear our of nowhere. Its roots in turn are deeply buried in the traditions and beliefs of the surrounding cultures, mainly those of ancient Egypt. The Jesus legend was presented to your world because once again your race was ready for a major change. Therefore, the well known traditional stories had to be spun into a new yarn that spoke better and appealed more to the hearts and souls of the people of that age.

The result was a fresh rendition of one of the most ancient myths known to humankind. To take you another step closer to the discovery of your own true nature and Mine, it was set into what was then modern times and environments. The new tale hoped to encourage all of you to search for the esoteric meanings that are hidden behind its numerous symbolisms, metaphors, allegories and parables. In the final analysis, the legend represents a roadmap that charts the course of the spiritual development of all human souls. It starts before the Master’s birth with the immaculate conception and the virgin birth. Step by step it moves through the events of his life until death on the cross and rising from the dead, crucifixion and resurrection.

The cross itself is one of the most ancient symbols known to humankind. It was not invented by Christianity but merely taken over and adopted from the religions and cultures that came before it. In its true sense the cross never stood for death and crucifixion, but to point you to the goodness and the blessings of your earthly existence. Originally it was designed to convey the idea that the spirit can overcome and rise above any problem of the Earth plane. By moderating your thinking and behaviour patterns you yourself have to find ways of liberating yourself from the need for further lifetimes of carrying the cross of the Earth on your shoulders. Until this has been achieved, your earthly self remains firmly nailed to it.

This evolutionary phase is characterised by a gradual withdrawal from the kind of life you previously enjoyed. Your thoughts become ever more purified and you find yourself responding to situations, events and people in more detached ways than you ever did before. You are emotionally less involved with people, as you are entering into a state of loving like Me, totally and unconditionally. As a result, you do everything with an eye upon the highest good of others instead of pursuing your own interests. You care much more than you used to for people’s wellbeing, their spiritual growth, nutrition, healing and protection. Whenever possible you see to it that their needs are met within the system of law and order of the society you live in. You love more deeply than ever before, yet your love is free of the emotional attachment that to this day causes too many problems in human relationships.

On your way to gaining true inner knowledge, you shed and transcend all emotional baggage. In your devotions, prayers and meditations you draw on My energies and feel how each time a fresh supply enters your system and provides you with a buoyancy you never knew before. You feel the need to laugh and play more. You find happiness in little things and learn to love everything that shares your world with you. You are grateful for every small blessing that comes your way and you can see the evidence of how My blessings multiply and shower upon everything you touch.

When you free yourself from your ego, all your fears go from you. You refuse to give in to fearful thoughts that your world is falling to pieces, because you know better and trust that it and everything in it rests safely in My loving hands and is evolving in accordance with My great plan of life. You know that this includes you, your family and friends, and that wherever any one of you goes you are guided and protected by the Angels and Me, as indeed you always have been and forever will be. Although you may have to experience some potentially dangerous situations, each time you emerge unscathed. You no longer have any need for weapons to defend yourself, as you are now naturally protected by Me presence against any negative influences, wherever your lifepath may take you. You are no longer afraid of sickness because you know that I, through the very cells of your body, at all times am keeping you healthy and fit.

Knowing that your true needs are met, you never need to wish for anything to make your life happier and more comfortable. You constantly sing my praise and give thanks for everything you have received already and that which is yet to come. As you are shown the way and guided by the Angels and Me, you always find yourself at the right place at the right time. Aware that you can request whatever you may need and that the responses are sure to come swiftly, you are careful about what you ask for. This does not cause you any problems, as your requests now emerge from the highest aspect of your being and you never plead for anything selfishly. You only pray for things that are good for your environment and community, family and friends, and therefore ultimately also for you.

You keep an open mind because you appreciate that God’s Divine truth is infinite and forever expanding. New understanding ceaselessly arises from the evolutionary processes that at all times are taking place in every part of Creation. You know that because of this further dimensions will always be waiting to be explored. This delights you because it is going to make life on all levels, and especially in the Celestial realms of consciousness, endlessly interesting and exhilarating. In your daily life as an enlightened soul, you wake up with nothing but praise and gratitude for your life, all life and everything it contains. You give thanks for your daily work and for the energy the Universe provides you with for doing it. You fulfil your tasks happily and contentedly, without any inner resistance or reluctance to get and keep on going. As a result of this, you never waste your precious energies on anything. If for any reason you have to go against someone’s suggestion or if there is any kind of bullying, you do so calmly and reasonably without feeling irritated or rejected.

You become a dispassionate observer of life who does the right things at the right moment. Patiently you wait to be guided by the Angels and Me, so that the necessary doors may open for you. You listen within for My guidance to show you whether any plans you are making are indeed divinely willed to come into manifestation through you, your resources and energies. This is how in the fullness of time you grow into a true channel of My Father/Mother consciousness on the Earth. Women and men alike use their feminine and masculine characteristics in equal measure. Striving to express Universal love, they learn how to love wisely and intelligently, with loving detachment, courage and strength, determination and a good sense of direction.

If instructions are needed by someone, My words of kindness and goodness come to you instinctively. The person you give them to is uplifted by your presence and Mine, through you. If healing is needed, you ask the Angels and Me to show you how to go about it, so that the sufferer may be healed, if their Karma permits it. All these things I lovingly commend to you. The path to Christ consciousness is outlined in these My words and I invite you to join it. If you do, very soon you too will be able to rejoice and say it was worth every moment of the difficult and traumatic times you may still have to endure to reach this phase of your spiritual development. Take comfort from knowing that soon they will lie behind you forever, as I teach you to climb into ever more elevated dimensions of life. Each one will bring you new experiences of joy and happiness that have thus far been undreamed of in earthly life.

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From The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World

* * *​
When A Child Is Born

A ray of hope flickers through the sky,
A tiny star lights up, way up high.
All across the land dawns a brand new morn’.
This comes to pass, when a child is born.

A silent wish sails the seven seas.
The winds of change whisper in the trees,
And the walls of doubt crumble fast and torn.
This comes to pass, when a child is born.

A rosy hue settles all around.
You’ve got the feel you’re on solid ground.
For a spell or two no-one seems forlorn.
This comes to pass, when a child is born.

And all this happens, because the world is waiting,
Waiting for one child. Black, white, yellow?
No-one knows.
But a child that’ll grow up and change tears to laughter,
Hate to love, war to peace and everyone to everyone’s neighbour
And misery and suffering will be words
That will be forgotten forever.

It’s all a dream and illusion now,
It must come true, sometime soon somehow.
All across the land dawns a brand-new morn’.
This comes to pass, when a child is born.

F. Jay​

To my mind the above song is a celebration for every soul who re-enters life on the Earth plane to partake in yet another lifetime of learning and growing from the experiences and opportunities that are on offer here. How about a small change from: ‘This comes to pass, when a child is born,’ to: ‘This comes to pass, each time a child is born.’?

I believe that the child our world has been waiting for so long is the Christ Spirit, whose spark each time when Christmas comes round is newly born in all human hearts. It is the spirit of love, kindness to and friendship with all lifeforms that share our beautiful planet with us. The long promised and yearned for second coming of the Christ is a metaphor for this awakening of the Divine spark in each individual soul and the collective soul of our whole world, which is presently taking place.

The newly born in the manger stands for the first stirrings of the Divine characteristics of love, respect, tolerance and compassion for all life that in the long course of our evolutionary odyssey of life comes alive in all human hearts and souls. The realisation of this provides us with a whole new meaning to all life on the Earth plane. Even the least devout ones in our midst can then afford to humbly and happily kneel in love and devotion before the Holy child and its Divine parents. That represents the true meaning of Christmas in our time for me.

The Road To Bethlehem

Part A

The Homecoming

An essential part of humankind’s evolution is experiencing many lifetimes in physicality on the Earth plane. Finding our way back home from this existence into the conscious awareness of our true nature and reality and the reconnection with our Christ Self is the symbolism behind the road to Bethlehem. This is the reason why for each one of us there comes a time when we have to wade – only seemingly on our own – through the deepest, darkest and coldest night of the soul. This state comes about because our earthly self for a long time remains unaware of who and what human beings truly are, where we have come from and where at the end of each lifetime we are going to. In this sad and lonely existence we frequently get a feeling that our life lacks all purpose, meaning and direction.

Because of the initial spiritual ignorance of our race, all of us eventually reach the evolutionary point when our small and frightened lower self has to battle its own way through the labyrinth of false beliefs and prejudices that to this day abound in our world. And it takes quite some time until it finally dawns on us that it is up to us ourselves to go in search of our own truth that can help us find our way back into the comfort, warmth and light of once again knowing our true nature and origin. The journey of exploration this enterprise necessitates is a hard and lonely highway that each small frightened earthly self has to walk on its own.

And it is likely to happen to every human soul in one of their lifetimes that someone appears who promises to provide us with a redeemer of every one of our earthly transgressions, a higher being from a different world who is willing to save us and our world from certain destruction. Who would not want to follow such a good and easy way out of their predicament, if the only thing we have to give in return is our immortal soul – and we don’t even know what that means. As a result we may spend many a lifetime on the Earth looking for this being to come to our rescue, show us the way out of our present plight and release us from it, once and for all. On and on we march in this fruitless and seemingly endless search, until in one lifetime we finally come to the conclusion that nobody will ever do these things for us, for the simple reason that the only one who is capable of doing them is we ourselves.

Each one of us, including you and me, is an earthly child of the Christ spirit, whose coming has been promised humankind since time immemorial. A spark of this Divine spirit has been implanted in the deepest recesses of the memory of all human souls. There it lies slumbering dreaming of a peaceful and better place and world that exists somewhere. On and on the soul’s earthly self plods in pursuit of this vision, each lifetime reaping the fruits of the thoughts and deeds planted in previous lifetimes. For a very long time we remain unaware of this is what we are doing and all the while our experiences take us from things like hatred to love and the joy of warmongering to peacemaking, so that we should learn from them and our consciousness grow and expand.

This continues until one fine day, many lifetimes ahead, we have reached the spiritual maturity that our heart can begin to open and unfold like a flower. Our Christ qualities of compassion and love for humankind and its suffering come alive and move into the foreground of our consciousness. This enables us to enter into the pain of others and feel it with them, which enables us to freely and willingly walk with them through their experience. For the Angels and Masters in charge of us that is the signal they have been waiting for. It shows them that the living God in us has woken from its slumbers. That is a signal that the holy infant has been born in yet another heart and is in the process of evolving into maturity. And the Heavens exult that one more of God’s children of the Earth is reaching Bethlehem.

Our friends and helpers know only too well what kind of a tough and cruel road the way there can be. Until human hearts take possession of the characteristics of the Great Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, our true Divine parents and make these qualities their own, people cannot help growing ever colder, more selfish, greedy, judgemental and unforgiving towards the sins and suffering of others. For the wise ones who have already woken up, such things are nothing but signs that the Divine spark in the others is still asleep. For the ones who continue to insist on creating ever more negative Karma for themselves by inflicting pain and suffering on those around them, the qualities of the gentle Christ spirit of compassion and love have not yet woken up. Rest assured that in the fullness of time they too will find their first pointers and signposts for the road to Bethlehem.
No Room At The Inn

To paraphrase St. John 1:5 ‘The Light always shone in the earthly self’s darkness of ignorance for the simple reason that for a very long time our lower self could not yet comprehend it.’ On and on the earthly self must plod on the exceedingly steep road to Bethlehem and many people at all times are also treading it. That is the only way it can be experienced what an existence without spiritual support and sustenance feels like. For as long as we remain in this darkened condition, when someone tries to tell us about anything related with the theme of God, we may just laugh into the other’s face and declare all of it to be a load of humbug and pretty stories for people who are a bit soft in the head, to put it mildly. When this happens, the spirit is knocking at the door of such a person’s consciousness, but cannot yet gain entry because the time for doing so has not yet come for this particular child of the Earth. That is the symbolism behind ‘No Room At The Inn’.

For every one of us there eventually comes the moment when the Christ Spirit in its early stages of development begins to stir from its slumbers and wants to be born in our heart. But if the time for this to happen has not yet come, at least for the moment, there is no room for it with us. And so, ever further we have to march on this lonely and comfortless road, alone with all our fears and anxieties about the future and in particular death, our own and that of our loved ones, sinking deeper and deeper into the mire of depression, sadly unaware that in truth we are never on our own.

But even while this fact and our true nature are still unknown to us, our climb up the spiritual mountain continues at a steady pace. In total and unconditional love and silence the Angels and Masters, friends and helpers, our good and kindly shepherds in the world of light, stand closely by. They take care of all our needs and keep watch, but they do not interfere with anyone’s progress, as each one of us has to do their own work because this is the only way our earthly lessons can truly be absorbed into our consciousness. But eventually for all of us together, earthly and Heavenly beings alike, there comes the glorious moment when yet another one of us awakens. Slumbering time is over and once more we become aware of who and what we truly are, where we have come from and what our final destiny is.

I have been there and know from first hand experience what a dark and threatening existence living without faith and hope is. It was my life’s way of teaching me what the road to Bethlehem means and what a long and winding pathway it is. It feels good beyond compare when the spark of the Divine, our own inner Christ child, has at last come alive and is born in the most humble place on Earth, the cave of our heart, and we realise that although we are still an earthly being, we are also a child of God, just like the Jesus legend tells us about the Master’s life.

In awe and wonder we then stand before ourselves and the discovery that it was the loving union of the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, our true parents, who once created all His/Her children – including you and me –on the highest levels of being. Therefore, the conception of each new Christ child is indeed an immaculate one, because it takes place untouched by any earthly things, thoughts, ideas and feelings. These parents have always looked after and cared for each one of their earthly offspring. Through all our journeying and wandering, lifetime after lifetime, with much tenderness and infinite love, their wisdom has always been lighting every human child of the Earth’s path. This will forever continue, to ensure that each one of us in the end finds its way safely home and that for all God’s children of the Earth in the end the road to Bethlehem turns into a joyful one.

This happens each time when someone’s inner miracle of birth takes place, their Christ spirit comes alive and its characteristics begin to motivate that person and runs their life for them. This is the long awaited rebirth and we have every reason to be thankful and celebrate. Our heart fills with gladness, love and gratitude. The road up the mountain becomes easier and the cross of our earthly existence grows lighter, because we know that our dream and final goal, the re-union with the Godhead, is turning into a reality and we have arrived in Bethlehem.

Sure enough, the road that leads us to it has many twists and turns. This is because each one of us can only learn from their own experiences, but you can rely on it that everybody gets where we are meant to go in the end. And all the while the Angels walk with us, to ensure that nobody will ever be forgotten, left behind or truly lost. To help us grow strong and ever more Heaven-tall, they constantly accompany us, but they only step in when someone actually calls for their help. Their support is then felt more strongly and may manifest itself in many different ways. The object of their holding back is to bring forth everybody’s own inner strength and the determination to succeed against all obstacles.

The first phase of our development, to give you but one example, takes us through experiencing to the fullest humankind’s masculine aggression with is lust for power over and control of others, trouble, strife and possessiveness, warmongering and earthly and spiritual empire building. All of these characteristics are the early earthly human expressions of our Creator’s masculine energies, the God. As the history of our world over the past six thousand years or so shows, when these energies are left to their own devices and allowed to go on the rampage almost without restrictions, they have little to give to our world other than suffering and pain. The masculine needs to be balanced by the nurturing, caring, life-giving and protecting energies of its feminine counterpart, the Goddess. Both these energies are also in equal measure in each one of us earthlings. Our task is to learn to control and master them, so they can be used in positive and creative ways for the highest good of all.

That is why the next stage of our earthly education, many lifetimes later, moves us to the receiving end of the masculine aspect of our nature. Only when our Karma has sufficiently returned the result of what we planted during the first stage and we had our fill of experiencing in our own lives the fear, pain and suffering we once caused others, are we allowed to move on to the third and final chapter of our very own and personal odyssey. It guides us into the calmer waters of getting to know the value of peace and peacemaking.

All of these things are essential parts of everybody’s road to Bethlehem, because this is the only way that anyone can acquire the wisdom and understanding that is needed for the building of a happier existence on the Earth plane for all its lifeforms. For this purpose, at a certain point in our development, our Highest Self guides us away from the role of being a religious fanatic with a blinkered vision that cannot yet peer beyond the end of their nose and the boundaries of their chosen religion or the one they were born into, believing it to be the one and only holy making one. We will then be helped to develop an ever deeper appreciation of all the belief systems of our world that is based on the understanding that none of them were ever intended to represent an end in itself.

From its first appearance each one has merely provided humankind with another pathway up the spiritual mountain, which in the fullness of time would become obsolete and disappear. More and more of us are by now following the guidance of our Highest or Christ Self, the living God within, because this is the only authority in the whole of Creation who can reliably tell us the truth about anything we care to ask. Because we prefer to be taught in this way to any other, what is left of the religions our world will gradually fade away quite naturally. As each new religion that appeared in our world provided our race with yet another only too welcome excuse for bashing each other’s heads in, with fading away of the religions the warmongering will also die a natural death.

In due course each one of us will reach the point when we happily and freely give of our highest and best and share it with those who are walking behind us. Every time we do this we are kneeling before and worshipping the newly born King in our own heart, so it can also be born in the hearts of others. Whenever we give of our finest treasures and place them on the altar of life without discrimination against anyone, doing everything that is in our power to alleviate the suffering of our world, we are walking hand in hand with God and the Angels and fulfilling the highest potential of humankind’s earthly existence.

And when under their guidance we do our share of blessing and healing all of humankind, our whole world and every other plane of life, the Shining ones in charge of us rejoice. They are smiling because another one of us has reached Bethlehem and on the way there has evolved into one of the saviours and redeemers of our world. They know that therefore all is well with us and our world.

The Road To Bethlehem – Part C

Christmas Message From The World Of Light

Now I would like to share with you the essence of a Christmas Message from our beloved helpers in the world of light. White Eagle acted as their spokesperson and brought it to me as the Lodge’s Monday Thought on 22nd December 2014.

‘Dear ones, we are bringing you our message of love, good will and the renewal of hope, faith and trust to all of you. We know each one of you personally and we appreciate how hard, demanding and unrewarding earthly life can be at times. We want you to know that none of you have anything to fear, because on the inner level of life we are one with you and we are always with you. Today we convey to you our best wishes and hope that this Christmas you will know the joy of the true Christ Mass, which extends over the whole period of the twelve holy days and nights. This is something that can only be experienced and never be described adequately in the words of any earthly language.

‘Should you be on your own this Christmas and also if you can escape, if only for a brief moment here and there, from the merrymaking of those around you, in spirit you will not be alone – you never are. You will be in the company of us, your friends and helpers who already have the honour of sharing the glory of the Christ life in the world of light. Your loved ones are very close to you at this special time of the Christ Mass, wherever they may be at present. When genuine love has ever existed between two people, there will never be any separation between their spirits.

‘And now, turn your inner vision to the Christ Star,
the Highest Star and the Brightest Light in the whole of Creation,
and pray that you may be used as a channel
for bringing Its healing and peace to your world.

‘God bless you all, each one.

‘Happy Christmas,
Your friends in the world of light.’

From ‘War And Peace Between Nations’

* * *
The Road To Bethlehem - Part D

The Road To Bethlehem

The road to Bethlehem is long.
Through the deepest, darkest and coldest night of the soul
Of failing to understand who we truly are,
And through the labyrinth of false beliefs and prejudices,
Every soul must eventually find its own way back
Into the comfort, warmth and light of recognising
Once again its own true nature and origin.
That, to me, is the road to Bethlehem.

This road to Bethlehem is hard.
It takes many lifetimes, until our small frightened earthly self
Realises that no Saviour and Redeemer
In the outer world will ever come to our rescue,
Because the true Saviour, the Christ child, promised of old,
Has always been waiting to come alive and
Be born in everybody’s own heart.
And when one fine day the human soul begins to open up
To the pain and suffering of others and endures them with them.
The love of the true Christ stirs and
The holy infant within is born and starts to grow.
The Heavens rejoice because one more human soul
Is coming home and kneels before its true Lord and Master,
The living God within, the Universal Christ,
Whose spark we all carry within.

The road to Bethlehem is tough and cruel.
Until human hearts take possession of the qualities of their Divine parents,
The Great Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
They cannot help growing ever colder,
Selfish, greedy, judgmental and unforgiving
Towards the suffering of others.
This is a sign that the Divine spark within is still asleep
And the qualities of the gentle Christ Spirit
Of compassion and love are slumbering with it.

The road to Bethlehem is steep.
But only for as long as the true God is still hidden from our inner view.
Regardless of that, each soul must continue its climb
Up the spiritual mountain.
While the wise ones, our guides and Masters,
The good shepherds in the world of light,
Stand closely by, take care of all our needs and keep watch,
Until the glorious moment when yet another one of us
Becomes aware of their own nature and destiny again.

The road to Bethlehem is long,
But eventually every human child of God stands
In awe and wonder before itself, when the Divine spark,
The Christ child, comes alive and is born
In the most humble place on Earth, the cave of our own heart.
The loving union of the great God and Goddess of all life,
On its highest levels, once created the child, so that
Untouched by all earthly things,
Its conception was indeed immaculate.
Father/Mother Creator, the child’s true parents,
Look upon each one of us, their earthly offspring,
Through all our wanderings, lifetime after lifetime,
With much tenderness and wondrous love.

The road to Bethlehem turns into a joyful one,
When at long last, the miracle of birth takes place,
The Divine spark, the Christ Spirit within, comes alive
And the qualities of the gentle Christ motivate us and run our lives for us.
When this happens to you, rejoice!
Your very own child has been born and you are reborn with it.
Our hearts fill with gladness, love and gratitude,
The road up the mountain becomes easier and
The cross of our earthly existence grows lighter,
For the goal, our final re-union with the Godhead,
Turns into a reality and we have reached Bethlehem!

The road to Bethlehem twists and turns.
Yet, we all get there in the end and the Angels ensure that
None of us is forgotten, left out or ever truly lost.
When we give of our best and bring forth from within
The highest we are capable of,
Sharing whatever gifts have been bestowed upon us with all
Who are walking behind us on the road,
Means kneeling before and worshipping the newly born King
In our own heart and assisting its birth in the hearts others.

Giving of our finest gifts to all, laying them
Down on the altar of life and doing our best
To alleviate whatever suffering we encounter in our world,
Hand in hand with God and the Angels,
We fulfil the purpose of our being on the Earth, which is
Doing our share of blessing and healing our whole world
And all those beyond.

God bless you all, not only at Christmas, but always.

From ‘War And Peace Between Nations’

* * *
Ave Maria by Franz Schubert 1797-1828

With New Words For Christmas In Our Time

A Prayer To The Great Mother Of All Life
A Song About Loneliness At Christmas Time
Christianity’s Virgin Mary is one of the Mother’s symbolisms.

Ave Maria,
In our world lots of us are alone today and
There are many tears
And nights filled with loneliness.
Everyone dreams of a life filled with tenderness
And sometimes a few words are enough
To make someone feel that they are not alone.
Strangers can become friends this way
And great sorrows grow small.
Ave Maria

Ave Maria,
Long is our journey through the dark night of the soul
And there are many ways of reaching the Stars.
Everybody is looking for a hand that will hold them
And maybe someone out there is as sad as you are.
Go towards them and open your heart wide
And let them feel the warmth of your kindness,
During this cold time of the year.
Ave Maria

Please follow the link below:

‘Ave Maria’

Charles and Helene Fischer
Jean Frankfurter, Bach

Sung by Helene Fischer in German
Translated by Aquarius
O beloved Great Mother, hear our prayer. The Age of Aquarius is with us now. It is the age of friendship and siblinghood with all life and we give thanks and praise to You for returning to the conscious awareness of our world to show us the way into a more peaceful and loving future. Please protect and guide us and grant each one of us the gift of your love, wisdom and understanding, so that new hope, faith and trust can grow in every heart and soul.

Help us to find ever more powerful ways of doing our share of making our world into the place you have shown us in our dreams by opening our hearts and reaching out for each other, not only at Christmas but throughout the whole years. May this continue until all humankind’s arrogance, fear and hostility towards each other has melted away and destructiveness, violence, crime, warfare and loneliness are no longer known in our world.In the name of love we ask these things from You. Amen

The Winter Solstice, Christmas And The New Year

Part A

Saturn As Father Christmas

Spiritually, knowledge is light and ignorance is darkness. Our world spent so much time in the darkness of being deprived of spiritual wisdom and truth directly from the source of our being that with the passing of time we became ever more the prisoner of false beliefs, superstitions and prejudices. But now we have reached the Age of Aquarius, the light of the Great Mother’s wisdom and truth is once more flowing with increasing force from the highest levels of life onto the Earth plane into the consciousness of us and our world. Through this the doors of the jail of humankind’s inner darkness are beginning to swing open and that is especially true at Christmas.

Each one of us is potentially a receiver/transmitter station through which the spiritual knowledge and understanding of the Divine are waiting to be poured into us and our world. The influence of this can be felt particularly strongly when the Sun moves through Sagittarius, the fire sign in which humankind’s superconscious faculties are developed and eventually are going to find their finest expressions. In the fullness of time the Sagittarian energies will eventually provide all human souls with a direct line to their Creator. They are a bridge from our earthly human minds into the mind of the Highest. Making contact with the source of our being is easier at the time of year when these energies are at work than at any other moment, because they are then clearer and suffer less from interference. Establishing the connection is by no means intended for a privileged few only. Everybody is invited to take part and if they so wish, nobody is excluded or left out.

A few days before Christmas the Sun moves from fiery Sagittarius, ruled by jolly and jovial Jupiter, into earthy Capricorn with its planetary ruler, the stern and undeviating Saturn, who with Uranus is also the co-ruler of Aquarius. Now, if I told you that in truth Saturn is the Father Christmas of the Zodiac, would you believe me? In spite of the impressions that are created by Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius and Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, the role of Father Christmas does not belong to Jupiter. Its benevolent energies of jollity, bonhomie and goodwill to all merely provide the background to the build-up that leads us into the festive season. As soon as the Sun moves into Capricorn a profound and marked change of energies can be felt.

During the Sun’s transit through Sagittarius, we and our world are presented with fresh opportunities for finding a better understanding of some of the things, especially spiritual ones, that could have been puzzling us in the past. But when the Sun moves away from the warm, fiery and enthusiastic Sagittarian energies into the cold and distant, stern and dour earthy Capricorn ones on the day of the Winter Solstice, things come down to the Earth, sober up and life once again returns to normal.

In the year 2015 the solstice takes place on 22nd December. See whether you can sense how under the influence of Capricorn’s energies life feels as if everything were coming down to Earth with a bit of a bump. Everyday duties take over and a rude awakening awaits many because of their excessive spending under Jupiter’s generous and expansive influence. If you are sensitive to this kind of thing, you may notice a feeling of being deflated and possibly slightly depressed as if something good had been taken away, which as a matter of fact, it has.

It is not without reason that Christmas falls into the time of the Sun’s transit through Capricorn, whose planetary ruler is Saturn, the undeviating schoolmaster of the zodiac whose main job is to initiate God’s children of the Earth into the fine art of self-discipline and self-mastery. The prayers, hopes and aspirations which under the influence of the spiritual fire of Sagittarius rise into the conscious awareness of humankind’s individual and collective soul may have become blown up out of all proportion, under the influence of Saturn’s energies can be grounded. This is necessary if they are to find practical expressions and manifest themselves in a manner that sustains us through the darkest part of the winter and the densest one of the Earth signs.

In the days of yore, the jollity and merry-making of Christmas were known as Saturnalia. To this day, deep spiritual symbolisms are hidden behind many of the old customs, for example that only children who have been good and who worked hard receive presents from Santa Claus. To deserve Saturn’s gifts, God’s children of the Earth have to toil unceasingly, but when they eventually arrive, they most certainly are worth striving for. They consist of the wisdom and understanding that can only grow in human hearts and souls through learning something from every one of our earthly experiences. The knowledge that is found in this way is our spiritual property and that is the only thing any one of us will ever be allowed to keep and take into eternity. And that most certainly is a present worth striving for.

Saturn stands for the Divine aspect of the stern taskmaster, tough and demanding, which every child of Earth needs. For the wise ones amongst us who willingly attend to their lessons, in the end the loving and caring rewarder part of the Saturnian energies emerge and start to pour their blessings over us and our lives. Alas, human souls thus far have reacted with fear to all contacts with Saturn, but the time has come for shedding all our fears. The only way of doing so is through learning to trust that the basic goodness of life at any given time fulfils all our needs and that the great wisdom and love of our Creator will always provide us with the experiences that are just right for us.

Our Angels, Masters, guides and helpers in the world of light are waiting to be called upon to help us dissolve the spiritual prison that consists of our deepest, darkest and innermost fears which, individually and collectively, are entirely our own doing. The doors of this jail are gradually creaking open for us and our world. It is true that initially contacts with Saturn stir up fear, but this too happened for good and wise reasons. During past lifetimes, these apprehensions protected us against experiences for which we were as yet unready. Now that we are ready and they are waiting to be dissolved, the energies of Capricorn and its ruler, Saturn, can be tapped into to give us the required determination and strength.

The day of the Sun’s entry into Cancer and Capricorn marks the solstices. In Cancer we celebrate the summer solstice and in its polar opposite, Capricorn, the winter solstice. Both events are special times when – for a brief moment – the Sun in the sky above us appears to stand still, although in reality it never does, as throughout the whole of Creation, all is movement and constant changes, and nothing ever stands still. At the time of the solstices especially powerful outpourings of blessing and healing energies flow from the highest levels of life into us and our world and everything that shares it with us. In the build-up to the solstices these energies grow more potent from day to day and they remain as strong for some time afterwards.

For those who are walking the healer’s pathway, great cosmic events of this nature create many wonderful opportunities. One of them is consciously tuning the receiver/transmitter station of our whole being into the frequencies of the Christ Star, the Highest Star and the brightest light in the whole of Creation, so we can be used as channels of light and make our contribution towards the healing of our world and dispersing some more of the darkness that still surrounds us all.

The Winter Solstice, Christmas And The New Year

Part B

The Christmas Story Through The Ages And Now

The Vedic tradition teaches that there is only one truth, referred to as Purush, and but one path to it. Truth here refers to the Supreme Spirit, the Godhead, who throughout the ages has been known by many names, for example Jesus, Christ, Christos, Messiah, Purusha Prajapati in the Vedas and Kalimatullah in the Koran. Each of these figures had to meet the test of the highest and noblest attributes of God, like supreme love, sacrifice, demonstrable power unselfishly applied, purity and so forth. Walking in the footsteps of those mentioned above and bringing forth, the same as they did, our own Christ qualities from deep within our own being and constantly giving of our highest and best, is the only way that can take us back into the oneness with the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life – or whatever other name anyone may wish to call our Creator.

The Christmas story is but one of the many tools that have been used over the ages for the re-telling of the age-old myth of the birth of Christ and the light it brings to us and our world from the highest levels of life. In Cosmic terms the Universal Christ, who spoke to us through the Jesus legend, is this light. Time and again, the myths surrounding the Great Light, Sun of all Suns and light of all lights, giver and sustainer of all lifeforms, have been told throughout the ages. For example, the Bhagavad-Gita tells about the birth of the child Krishna – even the name is not far removed from the word Christ – in the heart of the followers of the Lord Krishna.

In the Western part of our world, long before the appearance of Christianity, the ancient religions – called pagan by the early Christians – honoured the return of the Sun’s light to the Earth, at the time of the winter solstice. The word pagan has its origin in the late Latin ‘paganus. In classical Latin it meant ‘rustic villager and also a non-combatant civilian, non-combatant’. Apparently, the word has also been used as an adjective since the early 15th century. It stood for ‘of the country or a village,’ from pagus ‘country people or province, rural district.’

Pagan in the religious sense is believed by some to derive from conservative rural adherence to the old Gods after the Christianisation of Roman towns and cities. But the word as such predates that period in Church history, and it is more likely derived from the use of ‘paganus’ in Roman military jargon for ‘a civilian or an incompetent soldier. From 1908 modern pantheists and nature-worshippers have been called – or maybe they called themselves – pagans.

Be that as it may, all the legends that ever surrounded the winter solstice have tried to convey the message to humankind that the Sun we see in the sky above us is in truth but a symbolism. It represents the spiritual Sun, the Great White Light of the spirit of the Universal Christ, the only born Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother of all life. On the inner level of life each one of us carries a speak of this light. Since the moment of our creation it has been waiting to come alive when the right moment has come. To facilitate the quickening of the Divine spark in human souls, individually and collectively, an especially powerful outpouring of light flows directly from the heart of the Christ Spirit into all life on our planet, around the time of the summer and winter solstices.

The Jesus legend and Christianity have been the Great Mother’s instrument for re-telling the ancient allegory of the birth of the child and the coming of the light that has been promised since time immemorial. The evolutionary progress of us and our world has always been closely guarded, guided and monitored by the Angels, Masters and guides on the inner level of life, who are in charge of it. The closer the Aquarian Age drew and with it the rebirth of our race, the stronger the influence of the changes that are taking place on the inner level have been felt in the outer world. Because of these developments, at a certain evolutionary point it became inevitable that Christmas had to replace the pagan traditions, which were gradually taken over and integrated into the Christian festivities.

As the dates of the solstices are based on astronomical and astrological data and astrology was rejected by the church – officially it still is to this day – a new festival had to be created to replace that of the pagan winter solstice. So that the new celebrations did not look too reminiscent of old ones, the church founders had to find an appropriate day. They eventually decided that the coming of the Light of our world – which they believe was a Master soul by the name of Jesus – should be celebrated on the 25th December.

This not only satisfied the demands of the outer world, the world of appearances, it was also of significance on the inner level of life. The twenty-five is under the influence of the seventh ray, because 2 + 5 = 7. 2 – the Moon, the planetary ruler of Cancer, the sign of the Great Mother of all life, the nurturing and caring principle of life. 5 – Mercury, the fleet-footed and winged messenger who brings the fire of the Gods, the creative ideas of the Highest down to the Earth, for better communications that enable a renewed understanding through the Air sign Gemini. In the teaching and healing sign Virgo, Earth, Mercury conveys healing that comes from an improved grasp of the true purpose and meaning of our earthly existence.

Mercury is a symbolism for the receiver/transmitter station that is our earthly mind with its logical and rational abilities. The seven is ruled by Neptune, the highest love vibration of the Universe that knows nothing of the dense vibrations of the Earth environment, where it is very unhappy. Not to make the taking over of the old celebrations by Christianity too obvious, the slightly fluctuating date of the winter solstices were changed to the constant date of 25th December, several days after the actual event.

The legend of the Christ child came into being during the Age of Pisces, the Water sign of Karma and the soul, co-ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is also the ruler of Sagittarius and the prayers, hopes and aspirations which under the influence of the spiritual fire of this sign rise into the conscious awareness of the individual and collective soul of humankind have to be grounded and find their practical expression in the darkest part of the winter and the densest ones of the Earth signs, when on the day of the solstice the Sun moves into Capricorn, where Earth is experienced at its densest and heaviest.

As the centuries marched on, through the joint efforts of the more highly evolved souls who from time to time honoured us by spending another lifetime on the Earth, a golden bridge of light was slowly created. This kind of crossing is necessary for bringing illumination from the highest levels of life to the soul of our world and also to every individual soul within . At all times and especially around Christmas, unseen by earthly eyes, Angels walk over this bridge into all human hearts and souls. Their influence is especially strong whenever someone has a special need and calls for them. Their task is to bring blessings and healing, love, light and comfort to all. This is how, during the two thousand years that have passed since the appearance of the story of the birth of the child in the manger, the bridge has grown increasingly strong and the Christ blessings are reaching us ever more powerfully.

So, let us lift our hearts and souls up to the Sun, knowing that the blessing and healing power of the Great Light is radiating through it into us and our world. Even if the Sun cannot be seen in the sky above us on Christmas Day, it is always there for us, giving of its love and warmth. How wonderful to know that our beloved companion, the Sun, is a physical manifestation of the glory and the power of the Eternal Sun, the Great Light not only of our Universe but also of uncountable numbers of others that to this day are still way beyond the capabilities of our present understanding of the Cosmos.

The same especially powerful outpourings of the Christ energies are flowing into our whole world on other occasions, for example around the time of the Wesak Moon and the Christ Moon, as well as the Summer and Winter Solstices, and the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes. No matter whether we live in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, they simultaneously reach and influence all life on our planet equally strongly. The reversal of the seasons in the hemispheres does not make any difference.

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From ‘Stargazer’s Astro Files – Special Events’

* * *
The Winter Solstice, Christmas And The New Year

Part C

Christmas Message For The Aquarian Age

There is much talk about the Age of Aquarius and the spiritual freedom it is going to bring to us and our world. However, as co-ruler of Aquarius Saturn, the planet of Karma, guards the gateway to the Aquarian Age. Saturn is a symbolism for the Lords of Karma, who at any given time present us with the Karma we have created for ourselves up to the present. In any given lifetime, but particularly now, time and time again Saturn tests us, often to the limits of our endurance, to see how much progress we are making with mastering our earthly nature and whether we can be trusted to handle the lack of restrictions the new age is bringing us, even now.

Our newly won autonomy mostly consists of no longer having to blindly believe anything, because basically every human soul is eventually entitled to find out the true esoteric meanings that are hidden behind the surface words of all the myths and legends our world has ever known. It is every human spirit and soul’s birthright and highest potential to be taught by and helped to find the truth of everything and that not through any kind of outside forces or institutions and their representatives, but with the help of their own inner guidance that has its origin in the wisdom and truth of the Great Mother. She is the living God within and the love that dwells in all hearts, if at first only in seed form.

And that is the reason why the human heart alone can verify what is true, as it knows the truth and resonates to its sound, and never errs when it comes to telling a truth from a lie. To enable us to recognise the truth when it comes before us, it is necessary to pay attention to that which constantly emerges through the world of our feelings from the very depths of our innermost being into our conscious awareness. Wise ones therefore pay attention whenever they are reading or hearing anything. If something makes sense and they get a deep inner feeling that says: ‘Yes, this is true!’ only then do they accept it and allow it to enter into and take root in their consciousness. This is how they receive their confirmation that the old stories all along have been nothing but tales that served as educational tools.

To their astonishment the wise ones find out that these stories are true after all – just in a different way than formerly believed. For example, the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, really loves us and our world so much that S/He gave us the gift of His/Her Son/Daughter in the form of the love that brought all of us into being and the light that has always sustained and nurtured us. From the very beginning of life on the Earth the Great Light has done this for all lifeforms. At the moment of our creation a spark of this light and Its love has been planted deep in every heart and soul. Jesus as the only begotten Son of the Christian teachings is an allegory of the perfect manifestation of the Universal Christ that is every human soul’s final goal and destination and there is no discrimination against anyone’s race, colour or creed.

This means a soul who is fully and consciously aware of its human and Divine characteristics and has successfully integrated them, so they work together in peace and harmony, the way they do in God. The manifestation of this is the highest potential of all human souls that can manifest itself any time and anywhere. It has never been tied to time, race, location or any particular part of the history of our world. The Jesus legend provided us with an explanation of God’s great love for humankind in the Piscean Age. Now that the Age of Aquarius is with us, we and our world are capable of comprehending the much more glorious esoteric meaning of this myth and the truth that is hidden behind its surface words.

I cannot see any problems arising from this concept even for the most devout Christians. When one embraces the fact that the story of the life of Jesus is a legend and starts to look at the true significance of this myth, it is easy to see that the teachings of the scriptures in truth are much richer than they could ever have been before, as in this way nothing is taken away from them, but only a great deal added. I recommend the reading of ‘The Jesus Mysteries’.

* * *
The Winter Solstice, Christmas And The New Year

Part D

Christmas In An Over-Materialistic World

Love is the law of life. It is God’s true nature and our own, and because of this out of all characteristics we most urgently need to develop and express to the highest point of our consciousness is love. Unfortunately, at its lowest level earthly love frequently manifests itself as possessiveness and jealousy that causes a great deal of suffering and pain to all involved. Yet, even such experiences are valuable because they teach us how not to love, and that is the beginning of learning how to love wisely. This shows itself as a willingness to make compromises and handling our relationships with tact and discretion, discrimination and tolerance, not only in our closest circles of family and friends, but also towards other people and eventually our whole race. This reveals to the wise ones in charge of us that we are unfolding in the right way and successfully moving forwards on our evolutionary pathway of mastering the drives and urges of our lower animal nature.

Love has many different ways of showing its presence. Sometimes it is in the form of love for another human being or for life itself in all its beauty. Our own Christ qualities develop when, instead of ostentatiously doing good, we are just a good person, who loves helping others and insists on doing the right and honest things, and doesn’t shy away from them when this turns out to be the more difficult way. Love can be expressed in thousands of little ways like through loving and welcoming each new day and whatever weather it may bring, or the love we feel for the plants, flowers and little creatures in our garden or when we are out and about in other parts of nature, and each time we show our appreciation for everything that life brings us. Love can also reveal itself in being interested in all the minor things of daily life, as well as the sincere and true love that manifests itself as simple human goodwill, friendliness and kindness to everyone.

All of these things bring us into harmony with the law of life and help us to slowly but surely enter ever more deeply into the radiation of the Great White Light, the spiritual Sun above and beyond the Sun in the sky above us, the Universal Christ. Whenever we love, our soul is quickened by Its radiation and our own inner Christ-consciousness is stimulated through the power of the blessing that then flows into our heart directly from the Christ. As our whole being gradually fills with ever more light and we become at one with the Christ, we evolve into a Christed one in our own right. And that is the message of the Christmas Story for our time.

Regardless of the high degree of materialism that on the outer level has by now attached itself to the Christmas celebrations, it is coming about in quite a natural way that the spirit of this festival is getting an ever more powerful hold on God’s children of the Earth. Wise ones are aware that love has many levels and degrees of expressing itself, which can range from the lowest and crudest type of animal love to the highest and most heavenly kind. And that’s why the Christmas spirit shows itself in so many different ways. All of them are right and none of them are wrong, so the wise ones refrain from condemning any one of them and saying Christmas has become far too commercialised in our world. They have no need to look at it in this manner because they sense and feel that on the innermost level of life the desire to celebrate the true Christ-mass is increasing, although on the Earth plane this is manifesting itself in some strange ways and places.
The Winter Solstice, Christmas And The New Year - Part E

Christmas Prayer

O Universal Christ, You are the true Christ.
We and our world have been waiting for You,
The Star of all stars, Light of all lights
And the spiritual Sun behind the Sun in the sky above us.
You are the only born Son/Daughter
Of the Great White Spirit, Mother/Father Creator of all life,
Whose children every human being is.
Your infinite love and wisdom always have been
And forever will be with us and our world.

For the blessing and healing of all life,
May Your loving and peaceful energies
Flow ever more freely and strongly
Into every human heart and soul,
And from there into the heart and soul of our world,
All worlds and every being within them.
May each one of us be sanctified with the gift of
Understanding the true meaning of Your role in our lives.

Through this may we and our world
Be renewed and grow ever stronger in hope, faith and trust
That Your eternal promise of the coming of
Another golden and peaceful age of Aquarius
Is at last finding fulfilment on the Earth.
May the Great Mother’s wisdom and love rise
Through Your intervention from the deepest
Innermost core of everybody’s being,
To guide and protect us and show us the way home
Into the oneness with You and all life.

We welcome You,
The living and loving Spirit onto the Earth.


From ‘Stargazer’s Astro Files – Special Events’

* * *
The Winter Solstice, Christmas And The New Year - Part F

The Twelve Holy Nights

Meditation And Candle Burning Plan

Because the month of December contains Christmas,
It is a very holy and special time, and
The twelve holy nights represent a particularly hallowed period.

1) The three nights starting with Christmas Eve are the holiest time of all.
It is one for receiving when the doors of the Angelic Kingdom
Are wide open and invite all of us to take part in their Heavenly celebrations.

Each of these nights, when you light your candle,
Hold in your mind the image of
Mother Earth, as she turns on her axis in space.
Reflect on the fact that every being on our beloved planet
In truth is one and that we all are an integral part of the life,
Our true parents, the Great Father/Mother of all Life, has created.
Bless Mother Earth and commit yourself to healing her
And all life she holds in her loving embrace.

2) The following four nights bring us to night seven.
They are about receiving and understanding the
The true meaning of the Christ energies,
Which at this time flow into every heart and soul more powerfully
Than at any other time of the year.
This is a time for contemplations, quiet reflections and meditations.

Every evening, as you light your candle,
Bring to mind those close to you on the Earth plane
And the ones in the world of light, whose presence and love
Has ever helped to give your own life quality and purpose.
In your meditations hold each one of them in your heart
And share your love with them by telling them
How much they have ever meant and still mean to you.

3) The remaining five nights that take us to night twelve
Are about grounding the energies we have receive.
It is a time for starting to make plans,
For new activities and beginnings.

Each of these nights, as you light your candle,
Review your life and consider which areas of it could do with changing.
Resolve to invest in yourself to make your presence on the Earth
A more productive and positive one.

It is believed that after the twelfth night the elemental kingdom
Takes over the energy and that its value for humankind is spent.
Hence the importance of shutting things down on the twelfth night,
But persevere with your meditations and efforts
Throughout the whole of the coming year.

By kind permission of the D.K. Foundation
Edited by Aquarius

Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year to each one of you.

With Love and Light,

From ‘Stargazer’s Astro Files – Special Events’

* * *
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