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What has my life come to now?

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This will be a short thread but i went to police station today and i just lied and told them everything was fine when really they hit me and we constantly argue and im getting tired of it and i wish things would change. I told her yesterday that if we were gonna constantly do this and argue and if shes gonna hit me then i dont need to be here.

But looks like i wont be staying with my family instead i will probably be going with my mother on nov 10 in oregon. I used to want to go with her last year but an incident happened in feb of this year which caused me to go to the hospital for two days. because i found out my mom was doing drugs and she lied about getting my custody back.. but what if its changing and im actually going to oregon with a possibly drug addict mother?

I don't know whats gonna happen or if its even GONNA happen but my grandma already bought plane tickets and now shes basically sending me away. Things were JUST getting better for me and now this happens and everythings changing.. i dont know what to think of this.. i dont know how to think of this as good or bad but we will see what happens just wanted to vent and rant really quickly because im mainly concerned my mom is still doing drugs and i dont want to be around that.. yes if she is doing drugs i want her to get better but i dont want to see that of her..

just wanted to rant and vent really quickly hope everyone is well and comments are welcome..


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Hey, I don't have much advice, but I do wanna say that I hope it goes well and turns out alright. I'm sure it'll be better than staying with someone abusive.

Sending good luck and hugs


I'm sorry that you're going through this. You're having a lot of pressure put on you that's really unfair for you to have to deal with.

Probably the ideal thing would be to talk to a child abuse counselor, if there's a way to can do that confidentially, though at this point, it may not matter so much because you're leaving your grandparents anyway.

If you'd like, I or some other member could pass on some generic info about the situation, and see if they've got any feedback.

If you don't want to do either of those things, maybe it would help to just think through what the possible outcomes might be, and how to best handle them.

Do you know what drugs your mom's doing, and how heavy she's into them?
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