What have you accomplished today?


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This is a thread where I thought we'd write down whatever we feel that we've accomplished during the day. Could be something small, big or whatever, could be many things or just one thing. Feel free to write whatever you feel like you've accomplished, and you can come back any time adding more things. I'll start:

1. got out of bed
2. had a serious talk with staff
3. had a normal conversation with friends
4. went for a walk

I look forward to seeing what you've accomplished! And remember, it doesn't matter what it is, how big or small or how little or much, what's important is that you feel that it's something good you managed to get done.
I second great idea for a thread. Going to force myself to think of some things. I got up, did some headspace meditation, and went to the store.

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Today I accomplished some much needed journaling. I've been putting it off due to a wishy-washy frame of mind, but I finally did it and it feels good to have let out all of my negative emotions, thoughts, worries, fears, and then counter all of that with hopes, dreams, good emotions and ideas for the future.
I'll 2nd (3rd?) the great idea comments. Today, I sat at the DMV for two hours. I'll have to go back again, but at least it's a start. I had a pretty good meeting with a professor too. I always feel like I never accomplish enough during the day because things take so much longer than I think they're going to. It's nice to remember accomplishments, even if they're small :)


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For once in my life, I sidestepped being bullied and manipulated on a job. I saw what was happening before I got caught.

I consulted with the other individuals on the job, and we decided to tackle the problem as a team.

The most senior person has taken control of the job, and the bully-manipulator can no longer do managerial tasks.

The team can now finish the job in a respectful environment. No more abuse, no more being pitted against one other.

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