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What have you done for self care today?


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This was yesterday but, I'm not neglecting breaks at work. Went outside, walked and sat on bench at lunch. Was in 60's I think.

Self care seems to be the buzz word. We focused on that in hospital. When depressed its impossible but it really does help with the battle of all that's not good with fighting symptoms of poor mental health. I know there's even another thread here about ways to fight depression so this along same lines.


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Yes, tomorrow morning, again another appointment at 8:30 am. I will have to rush lol. Thank you for caring. Hugs *hug
I hope all goes well for you and they can get you fixed up. Dental pain can be extreme, one of the few things I went through that my comment was this is really quite painful.

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All I do is self-care, haha. Talked to parents about my problems, had coffee late at night and taking a break from torturing myself into getting my sleep back on track. Trying to lower my anxiety enough to be able to start gaming (I actually need extremely low anxiety to play video games), browsing the forum is probably self-care. Listening to music.

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