Where does your dad go?

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by frankensteen, Jun 6, 2013.

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    My dad passed away after an excruciating downhill run with Parkinsons some time ago. It was a tough day when he died. His closest companion other than us was the final stages accompanied by pneumonia.

    Never really understood his passing, there was only just enough time to take care of his affairs, and not a spare second more.

    He was a civilian refugee of WWII in Western Europe and seen more living and dying in his first 15 yrs than I will ever see in several lifetimes.

    He had a profound sense of duty to his career and his friends and family, and I will always remember his natural charisma.

    He was always deeply grounded, a very practical man, he prized utilitarianism. He never had a problem manipulating anything mechanical that obeyed the laws of physics.

    He was a devout old school Catholic, of the kind that never fooled around much with the psychic realm but took everything to run according to old Catholic beliefs (about the world, the after life, etc.)

    Every now and then I dream of him, much of the time he has daggers in his eyes when he looks at me (never speaks).

    Where has he gone and what has become of him?
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    He is kept in your heart...I think that is what matters..so sorry for your loss
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    I asked the same when my dad passed, eaten away with lung cancer.
    If anyone would come back and leave a message, it would be my dad, so my faith was sorely tested when no sign came.
    I think he was an old soul, so perhaps has passed beyond the caring of this realm.
    I hope it's that, meanwhile he is alive in my memories and love.