Why are we alive?

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by sdeemer93, Jan 17, 2013.

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  1. sdeemer93

    sdeemer93 Active Member

    The trigger of my contemplating this is about the ex boyfriend I wrote about in a different thread just a few minutes ago. He was my first love and I still love him...boo. Anyway, he had to go to the hospital a few days ago because he took a bunch of pills. He wanted to die...and I fell apart. He doesn't even know that I know about it.

    I have wondering why I exist many times before. I used to be very depressed. But recently I moved out, got a nice job, am going to school...staying single hoping I fall for someone whos NOT him. But after he went to the hospital I am back to questioning my life. I just really don't understand why we are here. I don't know if I believe in God . And even if I did...why did he even create us? Why are we on the earth?

    I'm just super confused and feel like my life is unimportant. But for some reason I pull myself out of bed everyday and keep on living this stupid life. WHY?
  2. JmpMster

    JmpMster Have a question? Message Me Staff Member Forum Owner ADMIN

    I have no idea the 'why' - I know that a very few special moments can make things seem worthwhile for a long time and th ehope for th enext special thing keeps me going when it has been too long.
    You can give yourself some meaning and purpose- if you are concerned for your old boyfriend consider calling or visiting - not as an ex but just as a person that cares about another person and talk about whatever he wants to talk about , his feelings, the weather, the wonderful hospital food. It may make a difference in his life in some small way and I find making a difference in somebody else's life gives my life more meaning than anything. If he does not want to talk and asks you to leave then you can still smile and be happy knowing that at some point in th eday or week he will remember you cared enough to call or stop by..
  3. ADreamer

    ADreamer Member

    I feel much the same.

    I was reading about a topic like this in my philosophy class. Something a lot of people ponder is our individual existence. What does it mean? Why are we here? What purpose do we serve? We do serve a purpose. Our lives do have meaning, even if it isn't obvious. Sometimes, I forget it too. Sometimes I get caught in the tide of my own despair and I start to slip.

    Look into your heart. Think of the people you truly care about, and who care about you. Even if we don't always see it, we carry quite an impact. There are friends, and family, who care deeply about you. People that we are all connected to, and who are connected to us. They would not want to see you gone. They need you, as you need them. I'm certain that you've helped quite a few people from that precipice, the struggle in their lives. You seem to have a very caring heart, and a very deep spirit. :) With that heart, you do a lot. :) It may not always seem enough, but it is. You should be proud of yourself. With a nice job, going to school, you are already doing so much. :)
  4. Awaywith

    Awaywith New Member

    Not to bum people out, but I think that any meaning that you create for life is essentially an illusion. It'd be great if I could just make that illusion work for me, but I can't. I think we are alone in this universe, there is no god, universe is just this vast huge thing and it's impossible to answer questions like "why". Sometimes I think that maybe life exists just because otherwise there would be nothing to experience existence. That... Maybe there has to be life just so that there is something to observe existence. I don't know, just a thought, probably doesn't mean anything.

    So life has evolved and for some reason it came up with this pretty intelligent animal in humans. Still, the meaning for us is at the basis the same as for any animal, we are just coded to try to pass our genes on, in general that is. Not all humans can or want to, but for the species itself that doesn't matter. All the extra stuff, relationships, entertainment and shit is what sort of keeps us sane, just... You know, offers you something to do and enjoy, and we are indeed also coded to enjoy these things.

    So in the end you just try to make content for yourself. Yes, in the grand scheme of things it's all pointless, but that's all you have. I don't think any of it really matters as long as you can enjoy yourself a bit while you're here. Most of the time you won't, you'll be sad, angry or just kind of there, but I guess you sort of live on for those good moments. Something that you feel makes it all worth it.

    Sorry if I'm incoherent, I haven't slept.
  5. ryan.

    ryan. Well-Known Member

    Nihilism; the belief that the universe has no intrinsic value or truth.
    Absurdism; we can't find any intrinsic value or truth, but keep looking.
    Existentialism; the universe has no intrinsic value or truth, so its up to you to create it.

    I haven't figured out exactly where I fit yet.
  6. Matrixcrypt

    Matrixcrypt Active Member

    Life does not confer, let alone confirm, a meaning.
  7. dvnj22

    dvnj22 Well-Known Member

    I perfer Existentialism -- just because it's philosophers were so much better. On a side note we haven't had a good philosopher or scientist talk about god in an intelligent way in a long time. All we get are scientists that sound like whiney teenagers. Carl Sagan and Einstein had so better things to say then Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris. And on the other side of though, Gandhi's quotes and ideas about God are also good too.
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