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Why is this happening

Right as I lay here typing this with tears rolling down my face all I can ask is why. Why do I have to loose yet another friend. I HATE FUCKING CANCER. I just played down to go to sleep after my boyfriend left. I seen a notification about something else on Facebook so I decided to go on. Well went on and one if the first things I see us another co worker saying how another one passed away. She was one of my strongest supporters through a lot of my health struggles. Just like my other friend thus one beat cancer once before. Sadly she has just list her battle and is no ok her in pain. My heart is so broken. I have lost too many friends the last few months. I can't even describe how I feel right now other than heart broken. All I can say is rest easy my friend.


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Sorry for loss which is no doubt hurting very much so at the moment. Let the tears out as it help to release the sorrow out which YOU feel. At the moment you should talking on here as it will help YOU get through each day. All I can suggest is that YOU keep yourself busy as it help not to think the hurt you are currently feeling.

If YOU want to talk further in private please PM and I will do my upmost to help YOU. Take care and be safe.


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Hey there,

I'm so sorry for your loss, cancer is a pig! Allow yourself the time to be angry and to grieve, one day at a time.

Love and hugs


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So sorry for your loss. Bless you, I hope you can find the courage to get through this very difficult time. I will keep you in my thoughts. (hugs)

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