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world mental health day 10/10/2020


Jay Jay from the UK
Staff Alumni
Today marks World Mental Health day, I have issues with this day, Mental Health Day I have issues with, why do people celebrate a day? Mental health is not just one day a year, its 365 days a year 24/7 and people jump on the band waggon one day a year saying one day a year how much the support it and all that bollox,

Then the other 364 days they are not around, where as me, I campaign 365 days a year, why do i do this? I suffer! i have Mental Health, I am not afraid to speak up, I am not afraid to cross the line, I am not afraid to stand up for others that suffer.

Do I like seeing others go through what I go through?? By god no i dont! its a horrible illness that wont go away like a cold or a virus, it stays with us, day after day year after year never goes! we carry it for life!

I fear for my Friends and Peers due to the lack of treatment available in the UK, the poor mental health services within the NHS and many Staff that invalidate.

It upsets me to see people suicidal and lonely and with nowhere to turn.

With respect to those that jump on the once a year bandwagon and come out with slogans and nice videos, I am not sure if you are actually living it, breathing it and more.

Its not a job for me, its a passion, its a vocation to want to see the best for my fellow sufferers, and I will continue to call out the Gurus, the rogue therapists and more until things change.

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