You Were Loved - You Still Are Loved

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    It is Hard to believe you have been gone 1 Year. I will Never See Or Feel You again, Never hear You say I Love You again. My Feelings will never diminish, I Can't Believe that I could Love You as much as I do, Still!

    Every Single Day I think About You! Yes I have written How Beautiful You were, but you are so much more, Your Courage, Your determination, only added to what I thought of you. How Much You Gave to me, how complete you made me Feel, I Felt 10 feet tall. Oh how happy I was how much I looked forward every day to have you there beside me. The look in your eyes, How Happy you were, How Happy you made me feel just looking at you. Could I Ever Have Been so Happy, until you came into my life I was O.K. but with you there Wow. I Smile for a moment just think about you, that look on your face the sound of your voice when you spoke to me, you made me feel so content so complacent, I could never Prepare myself to lose You But I have My Love. I'm So Sorry You Are Gone and I just cannot go on much longer without You, My Love
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