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Luthien Tinuviel

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I feel like my body image issues kind of became worse from having to film myself for classes.

A friend suggested i have body dysmorphia..... Another said "You dont have body dysmorphia. I'm surprised you tend to stay friends with people who say negative things about you
I asked " do you even know what it is?"
"It means that you always think negatively about yourself and how you look but i think you look fine"
I feel like that made me feel worse because it reads like I'm ugly but at least he thinks i look ok lol... It's my own issue and I'll have to get through it myself
I don't like to appear vain and I'm really not but I'm actually trying to be allowed to do classes in person . Idk..
But i definitely never felt this self conscious until i had to film ;/ hence me filming the videos i posted recently in the dark a bit and i still see someone ugly and not feminine enough. Also there was an issue i ran into on Saturday which i shared in chat.....


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no advice just try to be kind to yourself and know that a lot of people feel less attractive than they really are, especially females. i had issues with the perception of my body when i was younger (i'm male) but most people though i wtas very handsome, thought i had big ears lol. i'll bet if you could ask a few friends to be honest they would tell you that you look a lot better than you think

p.s. if i was handsome or not i'm definitely not good looking in my 60s lol


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