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    It us often not people but animals that enter our lives and add joy, love, compassion. Zeus did just that. Today, at 10 months and 1 week, he sadly lost his fight for life.

    15th of March he entered the family, it was a long journey to get him, but seeing his fluffy soft face and gorgeous blue eyes, we all agreed he was well worth it. In his first month I often joked about his lack of size... and kept asking my mum how she liked the idea of a miniature alsatian. A few months later he was diagnosed with pituitary dwarfism. The condition alone isn't terminal and many dogs live a full healthy life. His continuous sickness however was a concern.

    Last night he stopped eating, and this morning he couldn't walk. He was rushed to the vet, for emergency treatment. Unfortunately due to his small stature, and being underweight due to his sickness the most they could do is put him on a drip. Because of his dwarfism, he had stunted growth... whilst not dangerous in many cases, for him it has caused underdeveloped internal organs. He went into organ failure. At 12.50 the conclusion was reached that they could refer him to a specialist who would perform tests to help him, which ultimately he would not survive the anaesthesia, increase the drip to prolong his life temporarily, or to put him to rest.

    The decision to put him to rest was made, as the most humane option. Each of the options given would have received byte same result.

    Zeus my fuzzy fluffybutt, I'll miss you lil man.

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    I am so sorry frainbart- it is hard and it is sad and painful. :hug:
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    :hug: FrainBart.
  4. Acy

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    I'm sorry to hear. :hug: Thinking of you. RIP Zeus.
  5. Terry

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    At least that 10 months he had a home with people who loved him.
    So sorry for your loss, losing a much loved pet is hard.
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    Such an adorable dog, I am so sorry for your loss. It breaks my heart when family pets die, but know that you guys gave him all of the love he could have possibly wanted and couldn't have asked for a better family :hugs:
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    It is so hard losing a loved pet, his time with us was so short. I dread having to tell my daughter that her feather thieving fiend has gone. Thank you all for your kind words
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    I'm sorry hun. In hard times pets can be our best friend and as loved as any person, r.i.p zeus. :hug: