1. WhiteRice

    I dont know if I can enjoy life anymore. Nothing is worth living in life and I have 0 purpose. Why is scuide not acceptable if I am a giant waste.

    I want to genually kill myself but I have no way in doing so. I have 0 friends and I have 0 purpose in life other than to waste peoples fucking time. Nobody genually loves me or ever reaches out to me because people know I am a waste of space that should get a rope. I work a shit job that barely...
  2. lovemyselftoday

    My parents are great friends, but terrible parents.

    I’ve always had a different childhood to most of my peers. While they were sat around family meal at 7pm, talking about their days I was usually on my own, cooking for myself, or in the care of my grandparents. My parents were either at work, or as I grew up up, it was usually my dad at the...