suicide plan

  1. dying_inside

    Practical Advice What happens if i tell... my T or my autism T or at the hospital or at the mental health center... about my sui plan? i mean, seriously. i know what happens technically: i am stopped, they put me IP for a while, they give me meds, we talk about it. everybody's happy except me. with the only consolation that i...
  2. dying_inside

    Practical Advice I have a plan

    The date is close. I could ask for help but i really dont want to be alive anymore. 2 issues: 1) I dont wanna hurt family and betray my T. 2) Im afraid of physical pain. (havent come up with a better plan, have tried it before but now it will work) what do i do?
  3. ellierose

    Why does no one give a fuck :(

    I had surgery early this morning fuck me I feel rough. They put all sorts of bults in my legs and I am in pain the amount of pain meds their giving me fuck me its alot. My brother is taking my daughter out today so I feel better that she is okay with Teddy and that my baby girl is safe and well...