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A new Start

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Miss Invisible

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Hello my SF friends,

It has been awhile since my last post. Good I suppose? I have missed many of you supportive posters. I so very much appreciate your kind words of support and wisdom. Thanks past, present, and perhaps future for being there for me when I've had no one else to turn to and or no one who understands where I'm coming from. I truly appreciate it.
It's been hard for me to cope with losing my best friend. In part because she was one major way i was able to deal will my PTSD. Many people do not realize the ability dogs have to help someone through fear, grief, and loneliness. When the flashbacks and nightmares occurr, the comfort and security felt by a dog is indescribable. I truly believe the Saying "to love a dog is to have a dog".
In the course of one month I found out my 5 year old pup would only live at a maximum of 3 years because of a pituatory tumor causing Cushings disease. And my Chihuahua as i stated previously had days to live due to a very aggressive cancer. To say the least, my heart began to crack after hearing these news. I cannot say that I did not break down because I most certainly lost it. A piece of me was suffering and dying. How would a "normal" person act?
It took months to recover after holding Zoey while her life was distinguished. She was my 2nd Chihuahua that had to be euthanized with me holding her during the process, all the while wanting to scoop her up, take her home, and hold her until she passed naturally. This is the guilt I carry.
I'm sure anyone who reads this doesn't make it this far. It's not interesting to hear someone wallow about their pet but more importantly it helps me to talk about her.
This was one of my heart breaking moments I experienced this past year causing me to isolate even more than i usually do. It just felt like everyone had moved on so quickly when all I could do was wish, pray, or dream that it was untrue.
I've had pets growing up as a child but no pet has ever impacted my life in such a respect that interfered with my daily well-being.
So dog owners everywhere, I understand the pain you feel when losing a family member "pet. My one piece of positivity in all of this is pure thankfulness for Zoey. Short, medium, long, I'm grateful for having known such a beautiful, protective, and loving animal, and her role in our family. RIP Zoey.
I'm so sorry you lost your sweet Zoey. I understand as I've lost a number of beloved pets over the years. My best friends and constant companion Simon is 5 years old and it hurts to know he won't live as long as I probably will. Also I recently had to put down a kitty that slept curled up against my chest for the past 15 years. I feel your hurt.

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