A Prayer for the Stressed

I have really enjoyed reading all of this. Am I smiling? Sure, for a short moment. Do I want to read it again, I guess.

Thanks to you I have something to read later. Coolio


That's Great! Even reading it again...

Hope no one minds me adding this... (it could make you use those "smile muscles"... :smile:

Stress Reduction

Picture yourself near a stream.

Birds are softly chirping in the crisp cool mountain air.

Nothing can bother you here. No one knows this secret place.

You are in total seclusion from that place called "the world."

The soothing sound of a gentle waterfall fills the air with a cascade of serenity.

The water is clear.

You can easily make out the face of the person whose head you're holding under the water.

Look. It's the person who caused you all this stress in the first place.

What a pleasant surprise. You let them up... just for a quick breath... then ploop!...back under they go...

You allow yourself as many deep breaths as you want.

There now... feeling better?


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"Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can, and
the wisdom to know the difference."

Saint Francis of Assisi

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Thanks for all those quotes they get one to thinking more clearly about one self. I love the poem doesn't seem like i remembered it though ah ah. thanks

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