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I was seeing a boy for 4 months and I didn't think he took me seriously. I didn't know how much he liked me. I never felt secure or like we were serious. So I took it upon myself to sleep with someone else and he found out and now he's very angry, he never wants to speak to me again and I think I love him. It really upsets me I don't know what to do


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Hi there @monicaaaph I am sorry for how things turned out. Maybe he will calm down after you explain to him that you never felt that ye were ''exclusive''? Please keep talking to us here, suicide most certainly isn't a solution to all that is going on in your life right now. Feel free to tell us more and elaborate in your own time.


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If by taking you seriously you mean he never gave the impression that you two were in an exclusive relationship then you were free to do as you wished.

Did you use this sexual encounter for another reason? If so, I would suggest examining your motivations, wants, needs and decision making so that you are doing right for yourself and others because it is important to be self aware.

If you love him, truly, then be honest about that and why you made the decision you did. But give him a little time to feel less hurt and angry.

We all make mistakes.
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