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Always about her

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Whenever I talk with my mom about something, she brings it back to her. Like what she did in a similar situation. It's so annoying, it's like she's not paying attention to me.


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I'm sorry hun *hugs* It can really suck when anyone does that, and especially if it's your mother... maybe she struggles to want to take it in?

Have you tried telling her in a gentle way that it makes you feel this way? She might not realize she is doing it


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Open communication...communicate with your mom how its making you feel and gauge her reaction and go from there


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I am guilty of this IRL but not on here, I don't do it on purpose, it's just my way of processing things. Maybe have a gentle chat with her and explain that it is annoying. My mom sure has told me how annoying it is when I do it to her. It's just a habit I picked up. I hope you can sort things out with her soon and this thread makes me realises I should THINK before I speak!
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