1. BlueKoala

    How should I tell my parents that I will be living on college campus? Is it worth it at all?

    Hello, it's bluekoala here again. I wanted to live on the college campus away from my parents since they've put me through less than stellar experiences and my mental health (along with self esteem) is horrible because of them. I'd like to ask some advice: How should I tell them that I'll be...
  2. BlueKoala

    I’m sick and tired of having to live with my parents.

    TW — Abuse(?), Trans/Homophobia, Depressive thoughts, etc. Hello, everyone. This is more of a rant than anything. I’m so tired of having to live with my parents. They don’t truly care for me, they just wanted a cute, obedient kid who grew up into a perfect adult who didn’t stray from their...
  3. BlueKoala

    I don’t know how to talk to my dad about the abuse he put me through

    Hello, everyone. For the past few months, I have come to realize that I have been abused for basically all of my life by my parents, and that I’ve been blaming myself for it. TW — Abuse So, I don’t know how to approach the subject. I know that I NEED to be talk to him, because this has been...
  4. BlueKoala

    I’m so tired of feeling trapped because of my own family

    TW: abuse(? I’m not sure if it is or not, but I stil l want to put a trigger warning just in case) Also, this is a really long post. Hello everyone. I know I’ve made a few posts here about my situation, but I’s so hard to live in my house. It’s so so hard, and the fact that my parents...
  5. BlueKoala

    I’m a bi/pan teen in an anti-LGBT environment.

    Hello everyone. Unfortunately, during the past year (and especially the last few months, my parents (especially my mom) have been making homophobic and transphobic comments. Some of them even border (and some don’t even border) on being racist. I’m feeling so much hurt and dread and pain in this...
  6. PrincessPure

    Practical Advice What would you do if a parent of yours was cheating on the other?

    I indeed need help with this.. My dad is 60. He has grown children and was fine with my mom all these years. After hella 22 years of being married he found his childhood friend who he had a crush on and guess what... he contacted her and now they are flirting. What should I do? Should I...
  7. YikesImSad

    Practical Advice Suicidal parent

    I don't really talk about this irl because it can be really triggering for my close ones (and sometimes for me), but i am scared and worried all the time about my dad since he suffers from depression and once he tried to kill himself. This happened a bit after he divorced my mom (2015), i have...
  8. Lastsunset

    Bad night, bad life.

    I feel like I’ve fucked up my life already, and by extension, my kiddo’s. And I can’t hit reset, you only get one shot. And now my future is dead. What’s the point in going on if you know you’re going to die at some point. Does it matter if we just want to help accelerate the process? My...
  9. A

    I hate my life and myself

    Where do i start? well first off i hate my life and myself i was never meant for this world my birth was an accident. I have been let down hard by the system and people in general as well way too many times and i feel i am not compatible with society due to all the pressure stress and trauma...
  10. lovemyselftoday

    My parents are great friends, but terrible parents.

    I’ve always had a different childhood to most of my peers. While they were sat around family meal at 7pm, talking about their days I was usually on my own, cooking for myself, or in the care of my grandparents. My parents were either at work, or as I grew up up, it was usually my dad at the...
  11. tootall09

    The affect of alcoholic parents ?

    So this subject came to me while I was thinking of my past and how I thought I was done with it , somehow I actually forgot the bad parts. So here it goes. 1) Do you or have you had a alcoholic parent or parents? Yes , both of my parents were hard core drinkers , that's how they actually...
  12. Rockclimbinggirl

    Wtf *may trigger

    Ugh. Hate what I am remembering right now. Mom hitting herself and calling herself stupid. Daring me to agree. Feeling responsible for it. For all the stuff mom hates about her life. WTF. Wish this would all go away.
  13. Rockclimbinggirl

    I don't know what to do

    I just found out that my dad's uncle passed away. My parents want me to come home for a few days for the funeral. I do not know if I am ready to go home. My parents would want to talk to me and there are things that I really do not want to tell them. Just thinking about my parents coming to...
  14. Rockclimbinggirl

    Always about her

    Whenever I talk with my mom about something, she brings it back to her. Like what she did in a similar situation. It's so annoying, it's like she's not paying attention to me.
  15. eleanorhikari

    I just told my parents...

    I'm their youngest daughter thousands of miles away from home in another country and I finally just sent my parents probably the most difficult thing I ever wrote telling them about my attempted suicide in February. It's sent now so no going back, but I'm waiting for a reply and I am just...