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Any blind/visually impaired people?

Discussion in 'Life Changing or Long Term Physical Illness' started by iheartguineapigs, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. ive been legally blind since birth, my vision is about 20/400. Is there anyone else out there?
  2. Evangeline

    Evangeline Well-Known Member

    Hello iheartguineapigs, thank you for sharing. I myself am not blind/visually impaired, but I used to have a friend who was. I don't know if there are people that are blind or visually impaired on here, but everyone here is very supportive and nice. If you ever want to talk to someone, don't hesitate to message me anytime.

    Evangeline (Eve/Evan)
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  3. Thank you so much for the reply <3
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  4. Supernova

    Supernova SF Supporter

    Hey, I am not visually impaired but have a friend who is. I do not know if I can really relate to your issues but if you want me to listen to whatever it is that burdens you please write me a PM. Welcome to the forum and I do hope you will find the help you need. Polly
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  5. Thank you so much for years support <3
  6. shania

    shania Well-Known Member

    Hi @iheartguineapigs -

    I'm not visually impaired but there is at least one person on this site who is and I'm pretty sure she would be happy to talk to you anytime.

    Welcome to the forum :)
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  7. Walker

    Walker Everything Zen Staff Member Safety & Support SF Social Media SF Supporter

    Hi there.
    I feel like we may not be able to relate to exactly what you're going through but post anyway. Let's hear from you!
  8. no1jewel

    no1jewel New Member

    hi i have just joined forums today and have recently become visually impaired due to ill health and would be happy to chat
  9. noanswer

    noanswer New Member

    Not blind but have severe corneal & lenticular astigmatism that cannot be corrected with glasses or rgp lens in both eyes. Really depressed and feeling suicidal because of this. Please feel free to chat with me
  10. LiverpoolJ

    LiverpoolJ Member

    Hi, I am visually impaired. I don't know the ratios for my vision, but as I've gotten older it has gotten worse. I also have nystagmus in both eyes and photophobic. I'm here if you need to chat :)
  11. pooky

    pooky You are valuable :-)

    I have blurred vision, double vision(diplopia), squint(both eyes)- i cannot see with both eyes simultaneously ,severe astigmatism, colors look faded for me, i see a color of an object differently in both eyes(eg. a shirt appears red when I see from right eye and pink when I see from left eye, grapes appear purple from one eye and blue when seen from another eye etc) and there are some more.Eyeglasses can take take of astigmatism to a extent.The others cannot be cured or reduced. I was bullied in school because of squint and even today some adults bully me because of this. My internet causing prblems..
  12. Gen

    Gen Member

    So sorry to hear that pooky! I can't believe people would bully someone with vision issues. What's this world coming to
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  13. pooky

    pooky You are valuable :-)

    @Gen the worst thing is that even some ADULTS who have work, family.... bully me because of my vision - THEY call me cock-eyed, ugly, a loser, piece of trash,a sinner... because of my vision
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  14. Gen

    Gen Member

    What's wrong with these people. Really uncalled for! :(
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  15. pooky

    pooky You are valuable :-)

    @Gen - This is life - which is unfair
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  16. theonesatinthecorner

    theonesatinthecorner In armour, I fight battles; I must win this war SF Supporter

    I was also blind at birth, and only recently following an operation last year, got my sight. I understand what you're going through, if that helps?